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Labour Congress damns illegal dismissal

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The Liberia Labour Congress (LLC) situated in Gardnersville along the Somalia Drive on the outskirt of Monrovia has threatened to take serious action against employers who will redundant workers unnecessarily.

The LLC says any company or private institution planning to downsize its employees for no concrete reason would have itself to blame, because it will make a formal complain to company owners both in Liberia and abroad.

Speaking Wednesday, 4 May via mobile on the “Super Morning Show” broadcast on the state radio ELBC, the National Secretary General of the Liberia Labour Congress said certain employers were in a constant habit of downsizing employees for no genuine reason, which contravenes the labour law of Liberia with associated risk of creating hardship in the country.

Mr. David D. Sackor noted that due to difficulties in getting job, many employers violate rights of their employees, especially those employers who are heads of companies, factories, and other institutions. He said in accordance with the labour law, skilled industrial workers are expected to earn not less than US$5.50 while casual or domestic workers are to earn US$3.50, noting that because of this latest stipulation many employers are on the rampage, downsizing their employees.

“When we receive complain from any workers from either private or public entity we will deal with such company”, he threatened. He disclosed that the LLC will embark on awareness for employees to educate them on the decent work bill recently enacted into law by the House of Representatives, pending concurrence by the Liberian Senate. He said the awareness is to educate employees about their rights while working for foreigners or people who engage in bad labour practice here.

Meanwhile, commenting on the recent celebration of International Labour Day in Monrovia, the LLC Secretary General stressed a need for the day to be legislated as a national holiday and commemorated accordingly.

Mr. David said this is necessary because people fought and lost their lives to have a day set aside for labour. This year’s celebration was held on Monday, 1May with the theme, “Advancing decent work for shared prosperity.”

It may be recalled that during the congress’ recent election for a new secretary general, which brought Mr. David D. Sackor to power, he disclosed that the passage of the Decent Work Bill is paramount on the agenda of the LLC, noting the bill has been pending before the National Legislature for about five years now and nothing was being done for its passage into law.

He said the slow pace in the passage of the bill is one of the factors impeding the work of the Liberia Labor Congress.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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