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‘Lawless country’

–Associate Justice Gbeisay describes Liberia

By Lincoln G. Peters

Newly commissioned Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia Yarmie Quiqui Gbeisay says obedience to the rule of Liberia has become a challenge for this generation of Liberians.

Delivering his address Friday, 27 January 2023 while taking his seat on the Supreme Court bench, Associate Justice Gbeisay said Liberia is always in the business of making history as a lawless country.

In Liberia, Justice Gbeisay said almost every government official has their own siren, and drive on any lane, among others.

“I am always reminded of the story about a Liberian fellow who visited neighboring Sierra Leone on a Saturday, declared by the Sierra Leonean government as a national clean-up campaign day,” said Justice Gbeisay.

He said the young man was elegantly dressed and began to move in the community when everybody was busy cleaning up, including the army.

And when the army commander inquired who he was, Justice Gbeisay noted that it was said that the young man came from a country where nobody respects law..

He added that such behaviors from the echelon of government to the common person in society ultimately posts a challenge to the interpretation and enforcement of the law and endangers judges and justices.

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“ In Liberia, everybody wants crimes to be penalized and corruption be eliminated, but when crimes are being tried in court, the accused usually has a cheering squad who may be beneficiary of the crime, chanting slogans for him before the courtroom,” he said.

In fulfillment of the Constitution of Liberia, Associate Justice Gbiesay took office as a member of the Supreme Court bench.

The court consists of the Chief Justice of Liberia, and four associate justices.

All of them are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Liberian Senate.

According to the newly seated associate justice, a trusted judiciary promotes security, stability, peace and encourages both local and foreign investors to invest in the economy and develop the country.

He also reiterated that a trusted and credible judiciary is a sine-qua non to national development.

He indicated that judges are therefore, battlefield commanders of the judiciary and must be prepared to take the bullets.

Justice Gbeisay revealed that the first characteristic of a judge or justice is to be brave, knowledgeable, disciplined, courageous, and have passion for the job.

“I have come to this high seat of honor with the vision to support the Yuoh bench to maximize its efficiency and productivity to administer justice and enhance the rule of law,” he vowed.

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