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Lawmaker bids Latter Day Saints Missionaries farewell

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Montserrado County District #10 Representative Richmond Anderson alone with the office of the Senior Senator of Montserrado have jointly bided farewell  to a group of missionaries of the Church of the Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ after appreciating them for their kind gesture towards Liberia, including his district.

Representative Anderson told the departing missionaries that leaving Liberia should not be the end to their good works in the country. He appealed to them to always remember Liberia in their prayers as they return home.

“I got to know elder and Sister Mille for the past three months now but the things they have done for my district and the people of Liberia within the period of that three month to me is like five years. On behalf of my district and the office of the Senior Senator, who would have like to be here today but due to call is not here, we will like to say farewell and job well done,” Rep. Anderson expressed.

He said, it takes a true missionary to break stone as Elder and Sister Mille did, observing that going to Lofa County, Gbarpolu and across Liberia in the quest to satisfy humanity was one of the key principles of Jesus’ mission on earth, and if anyone who can replicate those kinds of virtues that person is indeed chosen by God.

The Lawmaker said he is a living testimony to the good works of Elder and Sister Mille, recalling that three weeks ago, three hand pumps were dedicated in some communities within his district, putting smile on the faces of residents as they can now have safe drinking water.

In response, the departing missionaries expressed thanks and appreciation to the Government of Liberia through the lawmakers and the people of Liberia for their kind gesture toward them during their stay here.

Sister Mille, speaking on behalf of her husband, told well wishers and church members they are not being paid to go on mission, it is their own contribution to the advancement of humanity.

Sister and Elder Mille with tears in their eyes said they will miss Liberians for their gesture. “You walk in the streets as stranger and get missing, there is no need to worry cause if you ask anyone they will say, let go I will take you there. I haven’t seen any country like Liberia where people are very good to strangers”, they said.

Elder and Sister Mille were also presented with gifts from the offices of Senator Joyce Musu-Sumo Freeman and Representative Anderson as well as gowned in traditional attires with the inscription of Liberia on it to enable remember the country anywhere to go.

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