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LDEA nabs 9 Nigerian drug suspects 

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh 

The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) has arrested nine Liberian-based Nigerian nationals and two Liberians suspected of running a drug cartel in Sayon Town on Bushrod Island.

Newly confirmed LDEA Boss Col. Abraham Kromah led LDEA agents in the operation late Wednesday afternoon, 21 February 2024 as residents cheered on.

Liberians saw the arrest as a significant breakthrough in the nation’s fight against illicit drugs in the wake of a growing population of young people who are going wayward due to drug abuse.

Among those arrested were two female Liberians identified as Hawa Tamba, aged 28, and Shelly Sheaton, aged 17.

These two ladies are being held by authorities for allegedly facilitating the illicit drug deal in the community.

The Nigerian suspects facing investigation are George Ikpehehukwu, alias Original Japan who is alleged to be an Auto-parts dealer, and Mr. Sunday Odeh.

Others are Peter Momat, Edwin Ozioko, Brigston Harris, Iglwe David, Ndubuis Okoronkwo, China Ekwe, and Efam Jamo.

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Briefing reporters shortly after the arrest, LDEA Director Col. Abraham Kromah said the alleged drug dealers, including notorious drug dealer George Ikpehehukwu, alias “Original Japan” were tracked down by agents of the LDEA after a tip-off received from an unnamed whistleblower.

Col. Kromah said the suspects were arrested in smooth strike-actions to clamp down on the increase of narcotic substances here.

He said the smooth-strike action was part of the LDEA’s mission to buttress government efforts to fight against illicit drug abuse in the country and hunt down traffickers.

According to Col. Kromah, the alleged drug cartel is being investigated by the Liberia National Police (LNP).

According to him, the suspects were found with a huge percentage of cocaine, heroin, and tramadol, among other narcotic substances worth around Five Million Liberian dollars.

Meanwhile, the LDEA Boss pleaded with the Government of Liberia to increase budgetary support to the LDEA to boost the agency’s operations.

LDEA boss Col. Ab Kromah

“We will not cease in this fight against drugs because this situation is affecting [a] number of people, especially our youth,” Col. Kromah said.

“You see people of Sayon Town were living in fear of the criminal rate because the drug users after taking the drugs will hijack innocent people and take away their property. This is [a] war we must fight together,” Col. Kromah said.

“This is our first operation and [we] will continue even more with strengthening team of agents across the country and I’m going to ensure those who are arrested today are fully prosecuted by the law of this country,” he added.

Residents of Sayon Town commanded the LDEA for the smooth operation which they said will provide relief to their community.

At the same time, the alleged perpetrators behind the drug activities in Sayon Town, suspect George Ikpehehukwu, said he was innocent of the alleged drug cartel.

He noted that he knows nothing about the illicit drug trade in the community.

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  1. Sulsam Suleiman Bah. It is surprising that a Liberian will be speaking ills of Nigeria and Nigerians. But that’s human nature.

  2. If the Liberian Government doesn’t take on these Nigerians Drug Lord, they will further damage Liberia deeper. I live in Canada, most Nigerians here don’t go home for vacation. Reasons, fear of being kidnapped, and kill. Nigerians are very dangerous. Over 150 of them were killed in the Philippines, Thailand and Burma from 2016 to 2022 by rival drug gangs, and law inforcement officers. The regime of former Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte had ‘zero tolerance ‘ for Nigerians. He called them the ‘Colombians’ of Africa’.
    So, if the government of Liberia act weak, I m sorry. Nigerians Drug will rule Liberia. They are the important drug and exchanging the sales into auto parts businesses. Why do you think, prostitution, Zogos/Zogolane (juvenile delinquency), and drug dependence are on the rise now in Liberia. The enablers, are the drugs law who are the group facilitators around the country.

    I futher suggest there should be a complete overhauled of appointments at every ports of entry. RIA be reshuffled. Take away heads, deputies, fired, if possible. Freeport, Ganta, Bo-Wsterside (Sierra Leone) border, Haper- Border with Ivory Coast.
    Government institutes state-of emergency for 9 months straight. First and search policy. Arrest, detained and confescate property, before trial. In difficult time like this, difficult situation is needed.
    From Canada, with LOVE

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