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LEC urges employees to maintain focus

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The executive director for projects at the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) Mr. Moses Farley says the project department at the corporation is essential to the vibrancy of the institution. 

Mr. Farley urges fellow employees to avoid unnecessary distractions and commit themselves wholeheartedly to their various roles in meeting public expectations. 

He gave the charge over the weekend during a daylong staff department retreat and honoring program in Careysburg, rural Montserrado County, urging employees, especially those from the project department to focus on their assigned duties, thus recognizing the critical role they have played in providing reliable electricity services to the country.

Farley said the objective of the retreat was to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and what they want to achieve as employees of LEC in the coming years.

During the gathering, workers from the Project Department were individually honored and recognized for their unwavering support towards the corporation.

“The objective of the retreat is for us to sit and look at what we did and see where we are going, and I hope we can achieve that today”. He told the workers.

At the same time he disclosed there is an upcoming project that will require more efforts and energy from individual worker. 

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According to him, the project department at LEC is a very essential department in the corporation, and sometimes he feels that the project department is the most influential working department in the company that has taken the corporation to an appreciable level. 

He bragged that as head of the department, they undertake numerous significant projects, attend important meetings, and currently have several projects in progress to be implemented shortly. 

“We are putting in every effort to ensure they are successfully completed. Additionally, we have new projects on the horizon”, he added.

He said in 2024, they intend to do a lot of different things, especially with their contractors. 

“We want to be on track with our contractors and our projects, and the better way will be based on the funding we will receive.”  

Also speaking, Henry Kimber, Project Director at LEC, reiterated that the retreat was intended to appreciate the hard-working staff for what they have done, where they have come, and where they are going.

Kimber emphasized the importance of ongoing projects and the potential for even greater success.

“Completing these projects has been a significant achievement for us, and it’s a testament to our hard work and dedication.” noted.

However, he said this does not mean they shouldn’t rest on their laurels, adding, “If we can push a little further and install stages on those remaining poles, we will be able to expedite the commissioning process.”  

He acknowledged that the current focus is primarily on the RIA project, which everyone in the room had some connection and concern about. The anticipation of seeing lights come up along that route is essential as it’s the entrance to the country from the nation’s international airport.

Kimber also reminded everyone that there is still a considerable distance to cover before reaching that milestone.

“We need to maintain our momentum and keep pushing forward. While we are proud of what we have accomplished so far, let’s not forget that there is more work to be done. Our commitment to excellence should drive us to go above and beyond what is expected.”

Kimber further disclosed that the management of LEC is trying to reach the contractor because the contractor did not install the stay, and they are experiencing enormous challenges in installing the stay.

As it stands, he revealed that the management of LEC is working out modalities to commission the lines and substations along the RIA corridor. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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