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Letter to God: Lord, so da plenty thin behind this sanction bisnay ehn?

By Othello B. Garblah

So, yor wait ooh, da the iron ore money bisnay Uncle Sam put Brabee them on sanction for? Da news ooh?

You say whatin?

Oh Father, you na hear our man from our Broad Street saying da Uncle Sam vex becos him people na geh their bisnay interest?

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You joking!

Aah, da what our man say oo. He say Uncle Sam people them say they na wan to share no rail road with the Indian People. In fact, the Indian people mon na come here to behave leh our Village for them.

You mean, da iron ore bisnay, they put the Brabee them on Sanction for-for true?

Father, they say Uncle Sam people paid whole 37 million for their lesson, but the Indian people say, they were the first people here and any other person who come to do iron ore bisnay mon pay rent to them to use the railroad.

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Chey, ay for them?

Father, the people say, da the contract our Village people signed so they mon live by it. Da the trouble there so oo.

Hmm, so this whole noise about this sanction bisnay da all about interest?

You mon jeh be there, you na know everybody geh him interest. The people come do bisnay, they na come play fund.

Bor wait ooh, I thought the Indian people owner contract will soon end?

Father, the people say they wan whole 25 more years and da 25 plus their remaining 8 more years oo. They wan to be the land law for our village railroad too and the orlor people leh Uncle Sam people them say no. Da the trouble there so oo.

Hmm, this sanction thing da plenty thing under it too oo. I mean if the thing our man from Broad Street explaining all over the place is true.

The two man them from the Traditional Council pa, they mon jeh lee their own with the Oldman becos da na small wahala they in so.

My son, I hear the iron ore palaver, bor what about the rubber bisnay too na, because I heard they say, the Country Giant wor vex, he say nobody mon take rubber weh they na process from your village again.

Father, hmm, this one ay na small oo. They say, people go tell the Country Giant say, the people who been here since Joseph Jinkins Roberts time, da they the one been giving Uncle Sam all kina co-co stories to put him people them on sanction.

You joking!

Father, da na small thing oo. They say the Country Giant wor vex, him say since they na here to do their bisnay bor they wan be chey-chey poly, they will suffer too. Na, na, as we talking so, no rubber will leave our village jeh leh da again.

Bor leh him wait too ya, they mon put all him people on sanction before him come talk the thing him supposed to talk ever since?

You mind him too Father. The people been in our village for more than 150 years, one rubber bowl sef they na able to fix here, bor they just there taking our rubber and building factories in orlor people them owner village.

Anyway, the people can say if you cook yourself in tomato cup, they will dish you out with broom stick. Da it there so.

Today, I met one pekin man who say him from Pleebo. This one them, da so, so illegal mining they doing around here. Ehn you know they place they called Goworment Camp in the Kru people village when you going to the orlor Kru and Sarpo people village, da na small diamond the strangers them in our village mining there for free.

So, how will the pekin man na say he Bush Grebo man na when him doing free diamond mining there. I tiya ya, we inside.

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