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Independent Lawmakers want Deputy Defense Minister designate rejected

The Independent Legislative Caucus (ILC) here is calling on Senate Pro- Tempore Albert T. Chie not to confirm Deputy Defense Minister for Operations designate Tarplah Davies, alias Zoely Zoe.
According to the ILC, Mr. Davies sometimes in May and June 2019 vowed to kill fellow Liberian protesters if they damaged or caused damage to his property during their peaceful protest.

The ILC believes with such a statement from Mr. Davis when he was not in the position, he would be a dangerous statesman should he be confirmed and have full authority to execute his plan against peaceful citizens.
The Independent Legislative Caucus prays the indulgence of Senate Pro- Tempore Albert T. Chie not to confirm Mr. Davis at the detriment of the Liberian people.

‘’you will agree with us that modern democracy or democratic practices call for security personnel who should have respect for the citizenry, moreover we as legislators and inclined people should not condone such threat,’’ the lawmakers conclude.By Bridgett Milton —Edited by Winston W. Parley

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