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Letter to God: Lord, this population growth is everybody’s concern

By Othello B. Garblah

Dear Father:

Hmm, this huge population growth in the Southeast is concerning ooh. I mean, how can the people be recognized for being the region that is religiously taking contraceptives (doing family planning) yet their population increased by 90%?

You say whatin?

Father, da na me talky ooh, that Uncle Sam’s Cousin from that Nautic Village ooh. The man wor smiling from ear to ear the other day talking nay doing the time the people announced our village population oo.

The people said our brother them from the Southeast who never used to like plenty borning bisnay na start borning plenty oo.

But Uncle Sam’s Cousin wor praising the people after LISGIS announced their population. He said our brother them from the Southeast are noted for religiously taking Family Planning medicines. The thing has been confusing me since.

Wait ooh, my son den that wah kinna family planning they been taking na?

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Father, me, myself here I don’t know oo. I think they need to bring that particular family planning medicine in town here so the people who want to get pregnant can start taking it too. Because if the people in the Southeast are taking it and are borning plenty then they need to bring some in the city for the people who wan to born ooh. -Phew!

Phew again seh. You can see da God beating all lor them so. How can people be taking family planning and be borning plenty?

I think they want to tell us that since their man chopped president, all they are doing is jolly, jolly, and have either forgotten to take their pills, even though they still collect them (pills) but something na adding up here.

Maybe like somebody said, since their son chopped president job they all decided to run back to their villages and leave the city alone. But again, me, I na too sure because the last time I visited Kru town there was no space to park my car.

Let them be there, da God beating all lor them so.

Anyway, how is Kasepreko doing these days?

Hmm, the man is on fire. The way the man firing at his own people self it leh he na leaving any room for coming back oo.

The man bitter more than bitter leave. Any bad thin you wan to hear about the County Giant and him people just listen to him-the man is tearing everybody apart.

Bor my son, da na this same man who used to fire all over the place for the people?

Father, the man wor only doing him job, bor most of those things he wor saying wor na true. How do I know, because from the way him talking mean da all the good, good thin then him used to talk were so, so lies.

Hmm, have you heard about the Wide Mouth pekin and the Sleepy Oldman?

They say the Sleepy Oldman wan to carry the Wide Mouth pekin who can be cussing everybody as him running mate ooh.

Puah, leh them be there they will all balance when the Footballer kick them around leh plastic bag. They say if you cook yourself in tomato cup, they will dish you out with broom stick. Leh them be there all lor them na know wah they wan.

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