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Liberia faces U.S. targeted sanctions

By Jonathan Browne

Liberia: Four members of the United States Congressional House from the State of New Jersey, have issued a joint resolution to Congress, calling on the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Treasury, respectively to continue to impose targeted sanctions and other measures against those responsible for undermining the rule of law as well as the faith and trust of the Liberian people through the conduct of corruption, gross violations of human rights and other acts that threaten the peace and security of Liberia.

The resolution issued by the 117th Congress in its 2nd Session encourages Liberia to redouble its efforts to counter corruption, advance the causes of human rights, and implement critical economic reforms necessary to accelerate sustainable economic growth and human capital development.

The U.S. House of Representatives further resolved that it remains committed to nurturing the enduring ties between the people and the Governments of the United States and Liberia, including thru the provision of United States support for a strong civil society, reputable and accountable institutions, transparency, and other tenets of good governance that should lay a solid foundation for Presidential elections in 2023.

It recalls the historical significance of Liberia’s bicentennial anniversary as the country continues to build a vibrant and inclusive democracy; and welcomes the continuing efforts of the Liberian diaspora in the United States and their substantial contributions to robust transatlantic dialogue, engagement, and transformational initiatives that advance democratic principles in Liberia.

The resolution did not mention specific names or targets for sanctions but reaffirms the United States’ commitment to supporting progress toward transparency, accountable institutions, and other tenets of good governance in the Republic of Liberia as it approaches the bicentennial of the arrival of the first free Black Americans to Providence Island, Liberia.

It notes that the United States remains the largest and longest bilateral donor to the Republic of Liberia, allocating more than $3,000,000,000 in multiagency assistance since 2003 to support stabilization, economic recovery, development, and global health, including support for Liberia’s response to the 2014–2016 Ebola outbreak and the ongoing COVID–19 pandemic, during which the United States has worked with partners to donate nearly 900,000 COVID–19 vaccine doses.

The resolution continues that the United States has demonstrated its commitment to bolster bilateral relations through continued sessions of the U.S.-Liberia Partnership Dialogue, Liberia’s ongoing participation in the House Democracy Partnership, and related initiatives.

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It adds that Liberia remains a beneficiary of United States trade preferences through the African Growth and Opportunity Act and the 2007 Trade and Investment Framework Agreement, both of which affirm the importance of open and diversified trade and investment between the United States and Liberia.

The Liberian people and the Liberian diaspora have contributed significantly to the United States and Liberia and reaffirm the longstanding transatlantic ties between the two nations, which will be underscored by Liberia’s bicentennial celebration, the resolution adds.

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The resolution submitted by House congressional members Mr. MEEKS, Ms. BASS, Mr. MCCAUL, and Mr. SMITH, all of New Jersey on Friday, February 4, 2022, has been referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

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