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Liberian construction companies fake 

–Public Works Minister expresses frustration

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Liberia’s Public Works Minister Madam Ruth Cooker-Collins has expressed frustration with the performance of Liberian-owned construction companies, referring to them as ‘419,’ suggesting they are fake. 

She told an interview with journalists over the weekend in Monrovia that she decided to refer to Liberian-owned construction companies as ‘419’ based on the alleged fake posture that they continue to display. 

She expressed frustration over the performances of Liberian construction contractors across the country. 

“Now let me tell you why there are ‘419’ companies. Many of the contractor companies owned by Liberia will be awarded contracts and will underperform despite the impression they will create while pleading for contracts,” she said. 

She said during the bidding process, they will bring rented equipment that they know they don’t have. 

“However, when they are given the contract, they are unable to implement [it] because they don’t have [the] equipment,” she explained further.

The Public Works Minister and her officials were last week held in contempt by the Liberian Senate for lying under oath.

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They were addressing the Senate’s concerns over the delay in the construction of roads in southeastern Liberia and other parts of the country when they faced contempt charges.

Minister Cooker-Collins asserted that it is regrettable that several Liberian construction companies are operating on a ‘419’ basis. 

 She lamented that the actions of Liberian-owned construction companies undermine President George Manneh Weah’s quest to empower Liberian businesses.

She urged Liberian construction companies and contractors to learn to be sincere and honest when they are applying for bidding.

According to her, this has caused the Ministry of Public Works and the government to look ugly on many occasions.

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  1. The minister is consciously and maliciously a part of their 419 scam, she may have collect the 10% off front. She is as corrupt as the companies in question. This how they squandering our hard paid taxes.

  2. The Public Work Minister is fake as well..
    They won’t do due diligence. Everything in Liberia politics and interest.
    Madame Minister, can you please tell us what happened to the road funds money and when will you raise payment for your contracting Liberian owned company?
    You should be thinking about paying the contractors working for you.
    Since last December we attended a bid opening at MPW conference road for roads rehabilitation around Liberia, the whole process end up in chey because know money in the road funds account..

  3. Did MPW do due diligence in awarding contracts or were they looking for companies that would give kickbacks?

  4. Those are some of the reasons for which most of our Liberian owned companies are passed over by governments ,as it relates to the bidding n granting of contract . Though she did not name one of them, but it’s understood . My only problem with her assertions is that she shouldn’t have used a sweeping remark. It should have been ‘some’ .

  5. It’s shameful and embarrassing that Weah’s CDC Public Works Minister will tarnish the reputation of all Liberian owned construction companies and contractors for being 419 or fake companies without providing any iota of evidence, or naming a single company or contractor engaged in such dubious activities.

    This sweeping indictments of all Liberian owned companies and contractors cast a very dark cloud over the entire nation, and further expose the government and this Minister of incompetence, and neglecting to perform due diligence and her oversight responsibilities.

    This Minister should be held accountable to specify her blanket accusations and to account for the Liberian people’s money entrusted to her. She’s responsible for any negligence and corruption committed within her ministry. This poor excuse of blanket accusations cannot possibly be tolerated and accepted for her corrupt roles lack of acting in the best interest of the country. This minister is aware that she has colluded with government officials who registered fake companies to undermine infrastructure development and steal from the Liberian people and is now trying to blame all Liberian owned companies and contractors general. This lady should be arrested immediately and prosecuted for corruption and incompetence.

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