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Liberians don’t want UP dynasty

Sen. Gbe-bo Brown

An executive of the governing Unity Party, Senator J. Gbe-Bo Brown, has cautioned Vice President Joseph Boakai to seriously consider the factor of a likely Unity Party-dynasty in the country in his bid for the Presidency in 2017.

He said the UP will have served the Liberian people for 12 years by 2018, and that Liberians may not be fully willing to give state power to the same party for a third term. “Vice President should consider the party factor as key to the presidency. Our people may not want to give power for the third term to Unity Party because many Liberians already have some key concerns with the regime. If the Boakai team is to move forward, and for me to be convinced in joining the team, they should resolve the party factor,” he advised.

The Maryland County Senator said Boakai should also redesign strategies to transforming the government’s agenda for the betterment of the state or else, many voters may not follow him and his dream of becoming President may not be actualized.

Vice President Boakai who has expressed his intention to vie for the Presidency next year, is currently touring Southeast Liberia, including Maryland County ahead of official campaign. He is expected to contest on the ticket of the UP.

The Senator also said the Liberian presidency is not for strangers; instead, for those Liberians who have their entire livelihood here along with the entire family. “We don’t want anyone, who is bearing American passport, with entire family basing in foreign land to become President here”, he said.

In an interview with this paper at his Capitol Building office on Wednesday, Senator Brown stressed that the Presidency of Liberia should be guarded solely for Liberians. He narrated that there are many, who are making their way to the country only to try the presidential exercise. “The presidency is not for strangers and I am not willing to help stranger takeover the presidency. For the vice president (Boakai), he’s not strange to our plight and the body politics of the land.”

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He said, as things stand currently in the country, he’s seriously considering supporting Vice President Joseph Boakai for 2017, but noted there are some unresolved issues that the Vice President should clarify, if he should give his support.

Senator Brown said Vice President Boakai is not a stranger to Liberian politics and the plight of the Liberian people, adding that if given the chance, he will perform to the expectations of the State.

Brown further said that it will be total dishonesty for anyone to argue that the Unity Party government has not done anything since it took power, arguing, “Look at the roads, the construction of new school buildings, civil servants are regularly paid and the rest are actively ongoing.”

He however said, despite some achievements by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led administration, there are huge challenges that the government needs to address, noting that one of the major weaknesses of the government is failure to create jobs.

He said despite US$16 billion investment brought to the country, the government could not boast of creating employment.-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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