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‘Liberians will decide’

–Boakai on Ellen’s support for 2023

By Lincoln G. Peters

Opposition Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai says whether he receives former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s support or not, Liberians will decide whom they want in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

“If she supports me, that’s it, and if she doesn’t, that’s it. I am here, I made myself available, and because I know that the Liberia people are looking for credible leadership,’’ Mr. Boakai told a recent press conference.

“I served the Liberian people with credit, and from Vice President, you will want to be President. But it was not I who said it; she was the one who said it. And we welcome her along well. I don’t need to go into all the details,” he said.

Boakai served as Liberia’s vice president for 12 years during the two presidential terms of Mrs. Sirleaf.

He then contested for the presidency in 2017 but was beaten by incumbent President George Manneh Weah. 

Sour relationship between Boakai and Sirleaf was visible as his supporters suggested that his former boss did not back his presidential bid.

Boakai is hoping to make a comeback in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections in his quest to make Weah a one-term president.

He argued that he respects Madam Sirleaf’s right to choose a candidate to support, recalling how he supported her in the 2005 elections when both of them ran on the same ticket.

“Mr. Sirleaf was the one who told me, Joe, you will replace me, and I [thanked her]. But, you know history is history. For some reason, maybe something went wrong. I respect her and her rights,” said Boakai. 

“And the same way we supported her, if she doesn’t support me, it leaves with the Liberian people to decide,” he noted.

He said if Mrs. Sirleaf did not support him, she knows her reason, adding that he doesn’t want to go into all those details.

Boakai believes that the Liberian people are looking for a well-qualified, experienced person with a good record that will serve them, and so, if Mrs. Sirleaf wants it or not, the will of God will prevail.

“But to clarify, there is no fuss between us. If anything, you will ask her, but she will never tell you that we have fought,” said Boakai.


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