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LMA boss applauds health workers

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The chairlady of the Liberia Market Association, Madam Musu Sloan, has applauded health workers across the country for their commitment to the fight against the deadly Ebola virus, noting that most of them died just to save the lives of Liberian people.

She said initially, Liberians thought that the virus was man-made, but now they need to see how it will leave Liberia rather than to focus on how it came. She said Ebola has no limit, and does not look for the poor or rich as anyone could become a victim.

Speaking at a daily press briefing hosted by the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Madam Sloan said the Ebola outbreak affected the marketers highly, saying that those that were selling bush meat lost because their goods were confiscated, and customers became scarce.

She said the Association conducted awareness in the various markets with the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, adding that the awareness exercise was extended to Southeast Liberia, sensitizing people about the virus and how to protect themselves against infection. According to her, every market in Montserrado County has a bucket of chlorinated water at its entrance for customers to wash their hands before going to purchase.

The LMA boss said it is needless for people to leave their community to spend time elsewhere because no one can escape from Ebola, saying, “Ebola is unlike the civil war era when people ran from one place to another” and that the virus has symptoms of all sicknesses in the world so everyone should be careful.

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