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LNRCS pays tributes to volunteers

The Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) has extended heartfelt gratitude and paid a special tribute to the dedicated volunteers on the front lines of every crisis.

As the world marks International Volunteer Day, LNRCS has paid special tribute to the dedicated Red Cross volunteers who selflessly serve their communities, embodying the true power of collective action. 

In a statement released Tuesday, 5 December 2023, Gregory T. Blamoh, the Secretary General of the Liberia National Red Cross Society, expressed deep appreciation for the relentless efforts of Red Cross volunteers across the nation. 

He highlighted their pivotal role in preventing and alleviating human suffering, especially in the face of disasters and humanitarian crises.

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“Today, on International Volunteer Day, we take a moment to express our sincere thanks to all our volunteers who give their time and apply their skills to make their communities safer, more resilient, and more inclusive,” said Mr. Blamoh. 

“The power of humanity is truly achievable through volunteerism, and our volunteers exemplify this power every day.”

In reflecting on the remarkable work of the Red Cross volunteers throughout 2023, Mr. Blamoh emphasized the pivotal role these dedicated individuals played in key disaster responses. 

“Our volunteers have been the backbone of our disaster response efforts this year, facing various challenges head-on.”

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“From combatting caterpillar infestations to responding to devastating flooding, COVID-19 vaccine promotion, and fires, their resilience and commitment have been truly commendable,” the release noted. 

The LNRCS said it owes a debt of gratitude to these unsung heroes who continue to make an indelible impact on the well-being of our communities.

Mr. Blamoh emphasized the diverse contributions of Red Cross volunteers, extending beyond disaster response. 

“Our volunteers go beyond the call of duty. They clean the environment, clear drainages, raise awareness on community-based health, and disaster risk reduction, and promote humanitarian values and principles. Their commitment and compassion have no limits.”

The theme for this year’s celebration of International Volunteer Day, “The Power of Collective Action: If Everyone Did,” resonates deeply with the Red Cross movement. 

Mr. Blamoh remarked, “The collective action of our volunteers creates a force for good that echoes throughout our communities. Their actions serve as an inspiration to us all, showcasing the profound difference that one individual can make in the lives of many.”

The Secretary-General praised the unwavering dedication and selfless commitment of Red Cross volunteers, who consistently demonstrate the principles of impartiality, neutrality, and humanity. 

“Their tireless efforts have created a lasting impact on the lives of those in need, providing vital support and comfort during times of crisis and hardship.”

In conclusion, Mr. Blamoh urged everyone to join in honoring and recognizing the outstanding contributions of Liberian Red Cross Volunteers and all those volunteering for humanity on the occasion of International Volunteer Day. 

“Let us celebrate the power of collective action and appreciate the indomitable spirit of volunteerism that unites us all,” he stated.

As the world acknowledges the immeasurable impact of volunteers, the Liberian Red Cross Society stands proud, guided by the principle that no one should be left behind, and that, indeed, the true power of humanity lies in the hands of those who selflessly serve others.—Press release

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