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Lofa Superintendent blames Boakai, others

-For county’s deplorable roads

By Kruah Thompson 

The Superintendent of Lofa County, Mr. William Tamba Kamba, blames former officials, including Unity Party Presidential Candidate, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, the late PRC Secretary General Abraham Kollie, and former Vice President Harry Moniba, for the underdevelopment of Lofa, a situation that has been a source of frustration and concern for citizens there.

In a recent interview at his residence in Mount Barclay, Montserrado County, Supt. Kamba did not mince his words while lamenting the deteriorating road infrastructure in the county. 

“By this time, Lofa should not be struggling for paved roads because the county has produced three vice presidents, including the late Abraham Kollie, Harry Moniba, and Amb. Joseph Boakai. These three individuals collectively held the presidency, and they should have played a significant role in advancing development and providing opportunities for sons and daughters of the county”, he pointed.

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According to him, the people of Lofa have endured treacherous road conditions for far too long, and it is only right that they hold those who held positions of power accountable for the situation.

He notes that what Lofa County received from the former Vice-Presidents were primarily unfulfilled promises.

However, he says the CDC-led government of President Weah has broken that pattern by empowering citizens of Lofa, who according to him, occupy key governmental positions more effectively than any previous administration.

Providing a historical account of the neglect of Lofa’s roads, he explains, “Under the stewardship of President Weah, 70 kilometers of road have been paved from Gbarnga to Salayea. Now, people can complete the journey in five hours, whereas in the past, it used to take 12-13 hours to travel from Monrovia to that particular area.”

He underscores that it is imperative to shed light on those responsible, including Ambassador Boakai, who he observes, held significant political positions in previous administrations, but did nothing to address the county’s poor infrastructure. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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  1. Supt. William Tamba Kamba, why is your official resident in Mt. Barclay, Montserrado County, and not Voinjama, Lofa County?
    Supt. William Tamba Kamba, since the other leaders of Lofa failed to develop Lofa County, you as the current superintendent, what are your proposed development agendas?
    Do you know that under the leadership of President Samuel Doe and Harry Moniba, the government had embarked on the Gbarnga – Menikoma highway project which was thwarted by the useless, and senseless civil war?

    Do you know that it is the responsibility of the national government to carry out development projects?
    Now is the time for you to do your part of the development, Supt. William Tamba Kamba.

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