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Lonestar Cell MTN boosts Health Sector

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Liberia’s leading cellular company Lonestar Cell MTN has given the health sector a massive boost by introducing a new service that seeks to mitigate the staggering doctor-to patient ratio deficit the country is suffering.

Recently the Liberia Collage of Physicians and Surgeon (LCPS) revealed that the country has a total of 261 registered Liberian and non-Liberian doctors. The LCPS further disclosed the Doctor-to-patient ratio stands at a stunning one doctor to ever 19,000 patients.

Lonestar Cell MTN recently launched a new service called “Dial a Doctor”. This new service gives Lonestar Cell and other network subscribers the opportunity to chat live with qualified and licensed Liberian Doctors directly to get instant health solutions-consultations,Diagnosis, quick response to emergency health problems among other services.

The Companyassured subscribers of the effective nature of the new service and emphasized that all interactions with the Doctors are strictly confidential.  According to the GSM giant, since the launch of the service;it continues to receive impressive feedback from subscribers about the service and the performances of the Liberian Doctors.

Sarah T. Gobombo of Zayzay, community Paynesville said “I am so delighted to know that Lonestar Cell MTN is really here for the Liberian people. Because this new Service Talk to a doctor is so appropriate and much helpful to us. With just one dollar, I was able to talk to a medical doctor; I explained to him everything I have been experiencing with my health. Right there I was diagnosed and medication was prescribed for me. This is a service you won’t be selfish to keep to yourself, I have explained to all of my friends and family. Each of us is grateful to Lonestar Cell MTN for such a great service, and may this service continue”

“Lonestar Cell MTN is really thinking out side of the box, this Talk to a Doctor Service is proves your hard work to service the Liberian people. This kind of program only happens in other develops country, to see it happening here; especially for some of us that work all the way here in Lofa County. We are so grateful for the fact that, you can talk to a doctor any time of the day when you are not feeling ok. I have used this service twice now and I had no challenge in getting to talk to a doctor. Because of me, all of my colleagues use this service, today. Please continue the good, and let this program continue” Garmai Kennedy of Voijama, Lofa Countyremarked.

“Through the Lonestar Cell MTN Live talk with the doctor, I was able to talk to a doctorlive; I explained my problem to him. I found it very interesting and exciting to know that the doctor diagnose and prescribed some medication for me. This is a service I will love to always use. I have informed my entire family and friend about the service which they also develop interest in. Thanks a million to Lonestar Cell MTN for such a great service”, Simon Bama of Mango town, Broadway Community revealed.

Saah Varney of Foya Lofa County noted, “We the people of Foya ,Lofa County are so very happy and thankful to Lonestar Cell MTN for the talk to a doctor promotion. It is really helpful to us here. Since that day I received that text from Lonestar, we have been using the service. The doctors are so friendly and patient. Once you have credit in your phone, you can explain all of your problems, he or she will take time and explain the illness that is, diagnose it and prescribes your treatment. All of my Kinsmen are using this service; we pray that the service will continue.”

Jeremiah Yarsaahof Morris Farm MargibiCounty was full of praise for Lonestar cell when he narrated “My friend told me about this Talk with a Doctor Service before, but I did not take it serious, then I also received a text from Lonestar Cell again but I still did not pay it any attention. Just few days ago my wife got so ill; it was when I thought about Lonestar Cell Talk to a Doctor 6633 promotion. I urgently put credit on my phone and give it a try, it was great, I was able to chat with a doctor immediately without any challenge, and my wife told him what was going on in her. He diagnosed her illness and prescribed medication. Like any other day, we would have gone rushing looking for car to take her to a hospital far from where we live. My family and I appreciate Lonestar so much for this great service, and may this service also continue.

Lonestar Cell MTN also added that the customers’ testimonies have further consolidated its desire to offer more value added services to enrich the lives of all Liberian. At the same time, The Company believes “the provision of cheap and affordable services that helps patients get easy access to Doctors will make an impressive change in the health condition of patients and the health sector of Liberia. Hence, the introduction of the “Dial a Doctor” service is the first step in achieving that milestone”.


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