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Lonestar Cell MTN, Official GSM Sponsor of the Liberia Marathon 

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Monrovia, Liberia (Aug 10, 2022) Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s leading GSM and mobile financial services company, has become the Official GSM sponsor of the 2022 Liberia Marathon. 

Lonestar Cell MTN sponsorship, valued at over $35,000 includes cash prizes, voice and data packages for the event organizers, internet access, media coverage and other support services.

Lonestar Cell MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer said Lonestar Cell MTN sponsored the Liberian Marathon because the event represents one of the company’s core values:  Diversity and Inclusion.    

“Regardless of gender, religion, physical ability or political affiliation, everyone is encouraged to participate in the Liberia Marathon.  This unifying event really brings us together.” said Mr. Ajayi.   

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This year, the Liberia marathon is composed of three races, the full marathon, the half marathon and the 10K which is for walkers, for people in wheelchairs or on crutches. 

What is also making the marathon accessible to all is access to digital payments.   Participants can register for the Marathon on Facebook Messenger and pay their registration fees safely and securely through their Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money wallets.  

“The great thing about using Mobile Money is that when runners register for the marathon using Mobile Money, they receive a 50% discount on registration fees,” said Nula Enders, Lonestar Cell MTN Brand Communications Coordinator.  

Mr. Kpetermeni Siakor, the Marathon’s volunteer developer who created the feature using Lonestar Cell MTN Open API said the organizers thought that it would provide convenience for runners.

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“We chose to integrate Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money into the Facebook Messenger registration feature because it’s a secure and it’s an easily accessible form of payment.,” he said. 

Digital payments, according to Lonestar Cell MTN, gives everyone the chance to participate. 

“Not only do we believe that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern and connected life,” said Mr. Ajayi, “we also believe that our collective strength as a society lies in our diversity, our unique talents, and experiences. This event is just a way of celebrating that diversity.”

Two-thousand runners from at least five different counties are expected to participate in the Liberian marathon.  The Liberian Marathon takes place Sunday, August 21, 2022.

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