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LOOKIN INSIDE FROM OUTSIDE: Political Marriages In Liberia-Part One

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Looking inside from outside Political Marriages In Liberia is being dealt with in this column within the contest of how individuals actually join political parties in Liberia. Of course there are various reasons that these individuals have for  assuming membership of these political parties, especially so when national elections should be taking place this year.

And because most of Liberia’s political leaders believe in false impressions considering the fact that they want votes at the end of the day, they always build high confidence in such ‘partisans’. Even if such persons have no good moral standing and ignorant of the contemporary geo-politics of the country, most Liberian political leaders done ‘get for dam’, the ‘beat must go on’.

Having followed Liberian politics for years now, I have discovered two primary reasons while the individuals under discussion join political parties, including the ruling party and new ones.

“Jobs and cash”, and not principles or because of changes, developments and progress in their motherland- those are just reasons while  they leave from party to party, including the ruling party.

Take for example, the number of such individual’s crossing over to the ruling Unity party nowadays without any justification, but on grounds that “the Unity Party-led Government is doing excellently well.” They always hide behind this clause to make their breaks.

And remember, these are the very same people who rained insults and all sorts of ‘street words’ on Madam President and her Unity Party. Can you imagine that these very individuals have now transformed from ‘Saul to Paul’, becoming more Unity Party than Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf or the Late Edward Beyan Kesselly ?

Again, we understand. When the going gets tough, of course, the tough get gets going.

For others who politically pendulum, there are alternatives. Because of the malice they harbor for Ellen and her party,  their best bet is to move onto new political parties, whose political leaders  are financially capacitated.

Mind you now, in Liberian politics, it is only the political leaders or those who want to be president, senators or representatives must spend the money and not the supporters.

See them around here. It is actually no secret that most of our brothers and sisters ‘running behind’ some of these politicians who want power are doing simply because they’ve heard that they(the politicians) have ‘plenty’ money, especially those coming from the “white man’s land” or the United States of America.

Take for example, one of our brothers-the Rev. Kennedy Sandy who wants to be President of Liberia. Except for his darling wife, all of those  in his party now or running behind him-here, there and yander, are only doing so because of the bucks they claim he has.

Most of these individuals give the impressions of being on top of things when infect, they have no political experience and are not even promptly schooled to help through. Their utterances before the brother and his wife during meetings and other forums are so deceiving and pretentious to the extent that after discussions, they forget to do the right things.

And this is only because their primary objective is to “eat” some of the cash Rev, Rev. Kennedy Sandy have brought into the country for his political activities. I think, this is very unfair to him, and mind you, this is a man of God they are deceiving.

When last did James Jensen of the General Auditing Commission or DAC become a party executive of the Freedom Alliance Party? When last did little known Anthony Williams become a Director of Press and Propaganda of the FAP=in fact, does he understand what that position entails, especially so when he lacks the knowledge and experience in the discipline he finds himself? Look at a character like Paul Bodo of ELBC, calling himself party executive and least to think about our man, Boston Davies—“so, so chopping spree and nothing better.

These are individuals who pollute or poison the minds of politicians against others who want to do them justice against all odds.

But again, Rev. Sandy should be no stranger to Monrovia and Liberia. He will just have to exercise the highest degree of care should he really want to make some marks in Liberian politics this year come October or November. He must begin to bring around him more experienced, mature and well to do responsible men and women who will actually help me through. But to rely on those mentioned in this discussion would be a “political suicide.”

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