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Nimba shows huge support

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Tappita, Nimba County-Hundreds of Nimba citizens waited up until 9:00 PM Wednesday night lining the dark streets and front of their villages and towns as they awaited the arrival of President Weah and delegation from Cocopa, Bahn, through Saclepea and Tappita, where he ended his three days visit to that county.

President Weah and delegation which spent the night in Sanniquellie on Tuesday February 17, following visits to Karnplay, and Yekepa, departed Sanniquellie for Cocopa through Ganta to dedicate the newly established Cocopa Rubber Plant before heading to Bahn where he dedicated housing units at the Bahn integration settlement camp to some 8,099 Ivorian refugees.

Nimba the host county of the refugees made available 315 acres of land to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, where many of the Ivorian refugees today called home.

Many of the refugees have opted to naturalize as citizens of Liberia and have requested the attending fees to the naturalization process be waived to enable them integrate into the society.

President Weah who reminded the refugees that it was their right to choose whether they would return or stay and get integrated, warned that they should respect the rule of law here.

“We don’t want conflict in our country,” he said, adding “If anyone wants to stir conflict, you have the obligation to protect the country you want to be citizen of.”

Following the dedication ceremony, President Weah held a Town Hall meeting in Bahn, where citizens made a plethora request for developmental projects. He thanks them and urged the citizens to be patient as the government try to meet some of their demands. He also asked that they maintain the peace saying it is only in a peaceful environment that these developments can take place.

After the Town Hall meeting President Weah and delegation headed for Saclepea where a huge crowd overwhelmed the convoy.

The delegation departed Sacelpea around 6:30 PM and headed for Tappita through the 60 Km road as locals-including students, health workers, dance through the dark waving palm branches just to have a glance of the president and his convoy.

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