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MICAT takes on UP chair

The Ministry of Information says its attention has been drawn to a backpage story in the Tuesday, September 27 edition of the New Dawn newspaper in which the Chairman of the opposition Unity Party is quoted describing the speech made by President George M. Weah at the 77th UN General Assembly as “Broad Day Deception”.

MICAT noted that without offering any reasonable explanation or providing a logical counter argument, the prelate-turned politician simply said the President was telling “lies”. 

The ministry explained that the prelate’s assertion runs contrary to all available data, which have been nationally and internationally validated, suggesting real improvements in areas highlighted by the Liberian leader, such as the economy, women empowerment, democracy, and international peacekeeping.

“To unfairly and illogically describe these statements, that can be easily verified, as “lies” shows that the man chosen to lead a major political party is not only clueless about happenings in the country but is also a political rookie,” the government mouthpiece said. 

It further pointed out that his latest faux-pas is coming about a month after he told a boldface lie that his home was set ablaze by arsonists. A police and National Fire Service investigation showed that not only was his allegation untrue, but that he was fully aware of the actual cause of the fire.

“As we go to elections next year, politicians ought to engage in conversations around the real issues that concern Liberians rather than presenting the public with fake news and misinformation that could potentially lead to violence,” the minister added.

Meanwhile, MICAT welcomes an apology reportedly issued by the voice-over artist who recently anchored a fake video that made incendiary claims about the state of affairs in the country. According to the Liberian News Agency, Angus Scott made the apology in an email exchange with a concerned Liberian only identified as Carrielle. 

In the email trail, Scott claimed he was tricked into thinking the narrative he voiced over was a fictional tale [for entertainment purposes].


The New Dawn is Liberia’s Truly Independent Newspaper Published by Searchlight Communications Inc. Established on November 16, 2009, with its first hard copy publication on January 22, 2010. The office is located on UN Drive in Monrovia Liberia. The New Dawn is bilingual (both English & French).
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