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Montserrado Districts #9 & 10 response to UP Rescue Rally

- as Amb. Boakai vows to abolish “brown envelope”

By Lincoln G. Peters

Montserrado County Districts #9 and 10 overwhelmingly responded to opposition Unity Party’s Standard Bearer Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s ” Rescue” campaign Rally on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.

The “Rescue Rally” appears to have attracted thousands of supporters of the former ruling UP, sympathizers and well-wishers.

The rally was held at the old Susan Berry School football field and brought together supporters from both districts who danced to campaign music and shouted pre-victory slogans.

Supporters also sang anti-establishment songs, with lyrics such as “We thank God, we get our voting cards. Our one vote can make Boakai win” and Boakai, we love you, and it’s you we want”.

Addressing the gathering, former Vice President Boakai extolled the districts for the huge turnout and expressed optimism of a resounding “one-round victory”.

Boakai promised to beat incumbent President George M. Weah face down with a resounding one-round victory because he has failed the Liberian people and the people have decided to overwhelmingly reject him.

Though is with a crowded political field the likelihood of any of the candidates winning a first-round victory remains very slim. All three front runners: Weah, Cummings, and Boakai have all predicted a first-round victory.

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Boakai, who has repeatedly said that the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime in which he served as vice president squandered opportunities has vowed to audit the Weah and prosecute members of the administration for corruption if elected president comes October 10.

He assured that under his leadership, Liberians will live better lives because he will lobby and ensure that they are given better-paying jobs through the attraction of investment.

At the same time, Mr. Boakai also cautioned lawmakers that there will be no brown envelopes under his administration, urging them to be warned of transparent and accountable leadership.

” My leadership will not condone any brown envelope bribe. I am warning lawmakers that if you will need a brown envelope before doing the Liberian people’s job then don’t be elected because I will not be your President. This country will change for the betterment of all of us and it will begin with the house by discouraging brown envelope” he concluded.

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