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Morlu surfaces in new group

 -Joins War Crimes Court champaign

Before exiting the ex-ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mulbah K. Morlu had a prolonged sour relationship with former President George Manneh Weah.

By Lewis S. Teh

Opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) former Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu has surfaced as chairman of a new political group named Solidarity and Trust for a New Day (STAND).

Morlu has vowed to be a strong voice in seeking justice for war victims and crimes against humanity in Liberia.

“As you have given me the mandate to lead you in this fight, we want to assure you that we will fear no foe in seeking the justice you deserve,” he said Sunday, March 17, 2024, at the newly constructed PHP sports park in central Monrovia.

” I, Mulbah K. Morlu, have accepted your request to be your chairman. I’m not against UP or CDC.  Instead, I will seek justice for you,” Morlu said in an acceptance speech Sunday when the group was formally launched.

Morlu said the historic assembly of thousands of Liberians at the ‘Unification Park’ to launch STAND signified the beginning of a profound era.

“The significance of this occasion is profoundly intertwined with the tragic history of these sandy shores, where senior members of the deposed William R. Tolbert regime were apprehended, restrained, and mercilessly executed under the orders of Master Sergeant Samuel K. Doe,” he said.

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Chairman Morlu revealed that following the murder and decapitation of President Doe and numerous of his associates, the violence persisted, plunging once-peaceful Liberia into a state of terror, death, destruction, and unimaginable chaos.

Accordingly, he noted that Liberia’s moral fabric suffered a profound alteration, unlike any other West African country, with the systematic rape of its daughters, exploitation and forced conscription of its youth into the merciless killing, and the destruction of billions of dollars worth of valuable infrastructure.

He said that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) process was initiated, executed, and concluded in the pursuit of truth, reconciliation, and justice, yielding significant recommendations.

While some pillars of these recommendations were acted upon, Morlu said the imperative quest for justice through the establishment of a hybrid war crimes court to prosecute senior perpetrators of atrocities remains unfulfilled.

Morlu noted that STAND will continue to embody the collective conscience of Liberia’s critical grassroots sector, representing the marginalized population that remains excluded from the fair distribution of the nation’s wealth.

“Their efforts will lead to the transformation of our nation-state through civil society advocacy, establishing it as a stronghold of freedom and economic prosperity for all,” he noted.

He described the recent incident in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County, as arbitrary and senseless for the police to use live bullets on peaceful protesters.

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  1. A war crimes court is seriously needed to correct the wrongs of Liberians against Liberians. Those who ordered the destruction of families and good people must not go unpunished. Rest well Johnny you were a good man.

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