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MPC attracts Taylor’s ex-official

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Imprisoned former President Charles Ghankay Taylor’s former investment commission official Dr. Q. Somah Paygai has projected the opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) as the best deal in the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

MPC leader Mr. Simeon Freeman, a businessman-turned-politician, picked his running mate at the party’s convention Tuesday, 23 May 2023 to challenge several contenders including incumbent President George Manneh Weah for the presidency.

Dr. Paygai chaired Liberia’s National Investment Commission (NIC) during former President Taylor’s regime.

Dr. Paygai was a vice presidential candidate on Mr. Taylor’s National Patriotic Party (NPP) ticket in the 2005 presidential and legislative elections.

But he is now a diehard MPC member. He believes that “redemption” of the “lost” six years under the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government is a possibility under the MPC.  

Serving as keynote speaker at MPC’s 4th convention in Paynesville, Dr. Paygai alleged that CDC won the 2017 elections under pretenses.

He suggested that every Liberian now has a role in the recovery process of the country. 

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“And now it’s up to us, now it’s up to you and to me, to make the case to Liberia. And to remind Liberians that if they are not happy with all that the President has done so far, they should consider how much worse it will be if he is left to his radical proclivities for another six years unrestrained,” he furthered. 

Dr. Paygai pondered over where would another six years take Liberians and how much larger will the deficit be.

“How much deeper [are] the cuts in programs for the struggling class and the poor to limit that poverty? How high will the interest rates at Banking Institutions be?”

He urged Liberians to think about how much more environmental disasters, killing the nation’s forests, would occur.

“And, ladies and gentlemen, please think of this – the nation must think of this – what kind of Supreme Court will we have? We must ask ourselves what kind of court and country will be fashioned by the CDC that believes in having [the] government mandate people’s morality,” he stated. 

The Liberian educator maintained that the pending elections will measure the record of the past six years, but more than that, it will answer the question of what kind of people Liberians want to be.

He urged partisans of the MPC to have a dream that believes in the nation’s future.

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