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MPC risks lawsuit

The opposition Movement for Progressive Change or MPC headed by businessman Simeon Freeman may find its way to court, as a woman claiming to have resigned from the party, has threatened lawsuit against the political organization for allegedly interfering into her private life.

Madam Melina Toe said the MPC has no right melting in her personal life at home, saying what happened between her and her husband has nothing to do with party or national politics. She has threatened to take the MPC to court if members, which she did not identified, do not stop carrying her name around, accusing her of immorality and unfaithfulness.

Addressing reporters over the weekend in Monrovia, Madam Toe said, “My private business is my own business; [if] something happened between me and my husband, the MPC has nothing to do with it. For engaging me on my home affairs, I will sue the party. What happened to me should not be used as a means to tannish my reputation.”

She however refused to give detail on the nature of her privacy that is allegedly being discussed around by MPC members, but it is reported that Madam Toe and her husband are on separation because she was reportedly caught by her husband messing with their family mechanic.

According to report, she had to leave her Peace Island Community to seek refuge at her older sister’s residence in Barnesville after she was reportedly caught by her husband. Information from reliable sources indicates that Madam Toe’s husband complained her to the party about alleged immoral act she committed in their home.

The husband in his complaint requested the MPC to expel his wife from the party, something that reportedly prompted the party to launch an inquiry in the request.  Meanwhile, an official of the MPC has welcomed Madam Toe’s threat to take the party to court.

Mr. Adolphus Kawah, Head of Press and Propaganda of the MPC said the party has no intention to damage the reputation of any citizen of Liberia. He however encouraged Madam Toe to consider good or bad things, including personal attacks once she has decided to join politics.

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Mr. Kawah denied claim by Madam Toe that members of the MPC were spreading what transpired between her and her husband, saying the party has not received any official statement on that matter.

“I am not too sure of what that lady is saying; we have not in any way released any information out in the public as is being reported by her. By the way, if individual partisans are saying it around, it does not mean it is the MPC that is saying out to people, and if indeed any of our partisans is involved in such act, we want them to stop,” Kawah warned.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne


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