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Phebe Hospital denies media report

The Administration of the Phebe Hospital through its Communication Department has denied a local media report that the hospital has turned to a complete death trap for citizens in the County.

It has been reported recently in a local daily here that the death toll at Phebe Hospital had increased to five as a result of the lack of fuel to provide electricity which prevented Doctors and Nurses from catering to patients at the Hospital.
But the report has been denied by the hospital’s Communication Director Mr. Samuel B. Kplaiwru, as he describes it as not credible.

Mr. Kplaiwru says even though there has been fuel shortage at the hospital, it did not in any way contribute to the death of any patient.He argues that those under critical conditions have always been assisted by Doctors at the hospital through their personal contributions and other family members.

He continues that while it is true that there are challenges at the hospital, the government of Liberia has been able to provide US$53,000.00 as part of the hospital’s regular allotments.
According to him, through the money given by the government, Phebe Hospital has made procurement for 3,000 gallons of fuel which will keep up regular electricity at the hospital for about three months.

“Gentlemen to be frank, the management of Phebe remains committed to ensuring that the lives of sick people who are going to seek medical attention at the hospital can be saved but the hospital has not gone bad as being reported …,” Mr. Kplaiwru says.

He notes that the management is ensuring that the right thing is done, cautioning that the hospital does not want people to take seriously all of the media reports especially the ones that are against the hospital.

He concludes that every Doctor and Nurse is charged with the responsibility of saving lives and that’s exactly what Phebe Health Workers are doing.By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong County—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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