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Mrs. Benson Celebrates 100 Birth Anniversary

Many of us did not have the belief that our great grand and grandmother would had reached this far, but with the help of God, she made it through with healthy life and still an access to us as family. Mrs. Rose Violet Mitchell Benson, born on July 22, 1913 in the City of Greenville, Sinoe County unto the union of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Mitchell, Sr.

She was nine years when her mother, Sarah Johnson, passed away. The little Rose Violet was left with other family members, including a grandmother who brought her up. The grandee is the first oldest of eighteen children of her late father, Hon. Samuel A. Mitchell, Sr. Mrs. Rose Violet Mitchell Benson was blessed with seven children six of whom predeceased her. She is left with Deacon James A. Benson, Sr. who is third among her children.

“We like to thank God for his wonderful blessing he had instilled on our dear sister, aunt, grandee, grand, along with the Benson’s family, the Mitchell’s family as well as the Johnson’s family. We extend the love of God’s warmest greetings to you Mother Rose Violet Benson Mitchell as you celebrate your hundred birth anniversary today, July 22, 2013.

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