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Newborn goes missing

-- From Clara Town Health Center

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh

A week-old baby has gone missing from the Clara Town health center, previously known as the Clara Town Clinic on Bushrod Island, a suburb of Monrovia.

The mother of the newborn, Peace Torgan, alerted police about the sudden disappearance of her week-old boy child on Monday, 31 July 2023. The mother is a resident of Clara Town.

According to the weeping mother, she visited the clinic in the early morning of Monday due to her son’s illness.

While sitting and waiting to be attended to by nurses, she decided to use the bathroom and asked a lady nearby in the corridor to look after her son.

Upon her return from the bathroom, Torgan said the unknown woman and her baby were gone.

Peace Torgan said she asked the nurses and other patients in the corridor of the clinic informed her that the lady had probably gone outside to buy food.

After a thorough search, Torgan said her baby and the unknown woman couldn’t be found.

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Peace has pleaded for the attention of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to intervene and find her baby.

She told reporters that she gave birth to her son on Monday, 24 July 2023 at the home of a local midwife only identified as Ma Musu right within the Clara Town Community. She said her baby got stolen on Monday, 31 July 2023.

Meanwhile, the Officer-in-Charge at the clinic declined media inquiries up till press time. The whereabouts of the infant remains unknown. Investigation continues.

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