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Nimbaians want local governance act passed

The secretary to the Sanniquellie Municipal Council, Jericho Dorwazia, has called on the Nimba Legislative Caucus to advocate for the passage of the National Local Government Act caved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Jericho, who is also a veteran educator, has also asked Nimbians to prevail on their lawmakers to lobby for the speedy passage of the document, describing the Decentralization Act as a boosted gateway to the political and economic ownership of the national resources by commoners or ordinary citizens, especially for populated and fast growing counties like Nimba.

“I want Liberians to rise, considering their rights to better governance, equal economic treatment, and political rights to accept and push this proposal to be signed before the end of this year”, he urged.

Mr. Dorwazia made the urge on Friday, 3 June when he spoke on “Nimba Today’’ broadcast by Radio Sehnwai in Sanniquellie. However, Nimba County Representative Larry Younquoi, who participated on the show, vowed to support the passage of the law if submitted to the 53rd Liberian Legislature.

Clarifying to eager citizens who believed lawmakers were delaying the passage of the act on the basis of economic benefits, Representative Younquoi said, the proposal has not been submitted to the House of Representatives for scrutiny, debate and passage. He said it is still in the hands of the Ministry of Internal Affairs undergoing national consultation and drafting.

He said Nimbians should rest assure the caucus will support the passage of the bill if sent to the House.  The Nimba Lawmaker, who chairs the Committee on Governance, said economically viable and high populated counties like Nimba, Bong, and Lofa have been cheated in how government disburses the national budget with each of these counties receiving US$200,000 for county development fund, which is unfair.

“This means as a state, we are developing land space rather than development of human capacity as required”, he said and stressed, “It is an international best practice that government capitals are used to develop citizens and not empty grounds, except Liberia which does the contrary to this moral policy.”

Representative Younquoi was optimistic that fair shares for Liberians will be possible if, and only if, the local government Act is passed into law.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne


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