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‘Notorious Criminal’ Killed in Margibi

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Many a time people aggrieved by criminals choose the path of mob violence as the best way of addressing the issue of justice in most Liberian communities. Such mob violence, they believe, leads to speedy justice against those involved in the commission of crimes.

As a result of such mob justice, corpses of alleged criminals continue to be found in communities and neighborhoods, and on streets Liberia. The evidence of such mob justice is the case of an alleged notorious criminal identified as Nagbe Doe, a resident of the Cotton Tree Community in Lower Margibi County.

Doe, most popularly known as “Success”, was a resident of the Crab Hole neighborhood- noted as a crime-breeding site in Cotton Tree. His ‘naked dead body’, with deep wounds, was found near the cemetery in Cotton Tree at about 6: 30 am on a Sunday morning after being reportedly beaten mercilessly by angry mob in Kakata, Margibi County.

His remains was immediately ordered buried by the sectional town chief of Cotton Tree, Mr. Matthew Daworlaw as per the directive of the Police authorities, who detected that he was brutalized by unknown community residents.

After the discovery of the late Doe’s wounded dead body, a CAB Officer told the New Dawn Liberia that he has known the late Nagbe Doe to be a notorious criminal since 1998.

According to him, the late Doe was known for the 2009 armed robbery which took place in the Firestone area, resulting to severe injuries inflicted on two senior staffs, including the Administrative Manager and Public relation Manager.

He was caught and taken to court where he was given a guilty verdict and sentenced to prison for over twelve (12) months, but was later freed by a Human Right group. Mr. Daworlaw, expressed the belief that the late Nagbe Doe must have gone to steal when he met his untimely death.

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