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Novafone, others shut down for taxes

The Liberia Revenue Authority or LRA, in its vigorous drive to collect lawful taxes due the government and people of Liberia, last Thursday sealed the doors of five major businesses after they failed to settle tax obligations since 2009.

The Novafone GSM Company in Congo Town, Shenny Trading Inc. on Broad Street, Continental General & Life Insurance, Medicare Insurance Corporation, and Liberty Investment (Producers of Aqualife Water) in
Monrovia were all affected by the action.

Court and LRA officials delivered closure orders and requested employees out of the premises before sealing the doors of each of the businesses. The five companies owed a total of US$1.36 million and a
little over L$30 million, including penalties and interest for the last six years.

The LRA obtained closure orders from the Tax Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia to shut the doors of the businesses after all legal efforts to have them pay their taxes failed, LRA’s Legal Counsel James
Bombo said.

The affected businesses will remain closed until their bills are settled with interest and penalties under the law. During the period of the closure, the LRA will do a tax audit, education and will work along with the delinquent tax payers to meet their obligations under the law.

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