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‘Opposition beating war drums’

--Mayor Koijee alleges

By Lincoln G. Peters

Monrovia City Mayor and Secretary General of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Jefferson Tamba Koijee has accused the opposition of beating a war drum. 

“To come here today and begin to threaten a national process, the National Housing and Population Census of our Country, it tells you that those are tactics, and those are war drums that [are] being beaten by people who have nothing to offer the Liberian people,” Koijee claimed over the weekend.

He alleged that opposition’s recent petition to the Legislature, National Elections Commission and the diplomatic community urging them to reject the National Housing and Population Census is an act of beating a war drum.

Koijee’s reaction to the opposition’s petition came when the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) and five other political parties joined the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Mayor Koijee stated that the opposition community can’t create fear and intimidation in the country to make its way to power.

“However, if you want to boycott these elections, let the Liberian people know. You can’t use fear here. You can’t create instability. If you want to boycott these elections, boycott,” Mayor Koijee urged the opposition.

Recently, over ten political parties held a joint press conference and later petitioned the Legislature, requesting it not to honor the provisional results of the National Housing and Population Census.

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The opposition parties are Unity Party (UP), Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT), a faction of Liberty Party (LP), All Liberian Party (ALP), Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR), the Movement for Progressive Change, and the Rainbow Alliance, among others.

The opposition parties described the census as bogus and fraudulent, calling on the National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Legislature not to use the figures projected for the conduct of the 2023 elections.

They claimed that the census was manipulated to enable President George Manneh Weah to win a second term bid.

However, Mr. Koijee said the opposition is playing scare tactics, adding that nobody will win the election on the basis of fear in this country because Liberians are willing to jealously protect their peace.

He suggested that if the opposition wants to boycott the elections, they should tell the Liberian People at this early stage instead of rejecting a credible census process.

He accused the opposition of causing fear, intimidation, and panic in the country.

The ruling CDC Secretary General assured the opposition community that they are going to the process with everything that they can imagine.

Koijee said the opposition can misinterpret it anyway because the ruling party has adequately served the Liberian people.

“Because we have served Liberians diligently, and sacrificed ourselves for them, the Liberian people remain our only optimal of the decision of going to power in this country. Nothing falls short of that,” he noted. 

“We understand what these guys are doing. You have nothing to take to the people. If you say President Weah has failed the Liberian people, take your alternative to the Liberian people,” Koijee said.

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  1. I Just can’t wait for October 2023 to come around, so these fools can be sent packing. It’s just much to bear.

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