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Paye-Bayee extols President Weah

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The chairperson of the National Commission on Disabilities Madam Daintowon Domah Paye-Bayee has expressed overwhelming excitement about her recognition and honoring by President George Manneh Weah.

She said the honor was in recognition of her efforts and advocacy for persons living with disabilities across the country.

In an exclusive telephone conversation with this paper Monday, 31 July 2023, Madam Paye-Bayee extolled President Weah for closely following her activities, adding that little things count. 

“I want to extoll the President, President George M. Weah for recognizing my efforts and advocacy for equality and gender balance,” she said.

 “This award is not for me, but for everyone that [is] living with disabilities. This just means that the little thing we do count, and people are watching our activities, therefore, we should be honest and sincere in everything we do,” she noted. 

 She described the honour as a motivation for her to continue her advocacy and selfless service to country and people. 

Madam Paye-Bayee vowed to continue working for her country until Liberia and Liberians have the needed result and transformation that they are wishing to have. 

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Following the celebration of Liberia’s 176th Independence Day celebration, President Weah recognized the pivotal role that the minuet percentage of women in his government are playing.

As part of his recognition of the contribution of women to national development, President Weah admitted Madam Paye-Bayee into the Humane order of African Redemption for her selfless service to humanity, with the Grade of Dame Official.

“Now therefore, in recognition of your selfless service to humanity, I, Dr. George Manneh Weah, Sr., President of the Republic of Liberia and Grand Master of the Orders of Distinctions, by virtue of the power in me vested, do hereby admit you into the Humane Order of African Redemption with the Grade of Dame official,” President Weah stated.

He lauded women for the important role they play in contributing to nation building and urged them to continue to push that generation to come will be moved by their legacy.

President Weah noted that Madam Paye-Bayee’s services and tireless efforts have become a beacon of hope, a symbol of strength, and a source of inspiration for so many young women and girls living with disabilities across Liberia.

President Weah added that the honor serves as motivation to persons living with disabilities, especially women and girls.

He indicated that Ambassador Paye-Bayee has raised awareness about the rights and needs of the disabled community and fighting for their inclusion and equal opportunities in society.

“This is in recognition of your advocacy work, you have raised awareness about the rights and needs of the disabled community, fighting for their inclusion and equal opportunities in society,” he stated.

He noted that Madam Paye-Bayee’s impact extends far beyond the disabled community, saying she is tirelessly working to improve the lives of the underprivileged, the marginalized, and the forgotten.

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