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Police arrest man for chopping nephew

The Bible has been emphatic about the rage of a jealous man when it questions who can stand his rage. This is the case with a Man who chopped his nephew after accusing him of loving his wife.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland County

Pleebo, Liberia, April 15, 2024 – Police in Pleebo, Maryland County Electoral District #2 have arrested a suspect believed to be in his early 40s, for allegedly chopping the arm of his nephew, Prince G. Nyemah in Barraken town. 

The suspect, identified as Francis S. Taylor, was arrested on Tuesday, April 9, 2024.

Narrating the entire ordeal to The NEW DAWN, Victim Prince Nyemah says he was gruesomely attacked by his uncle, Francis Taylor, who had accused him (Prince) of having an affair with his wife, Esther Taylor, but he dismisses the allegation as untrue.

According to him, he sees the woman as his aunt and mother and would never harbor such thoughts about her.

“I am innocent of all these allegations; I have always seen her as a mother, and I can’t have any romantic feelings toward her,” he says.

Victim Prince continues that despite his explanations, his uncle, Suspect Taylor, insists that he (Prince Nyemah) is guilty, disclosing that he (Taylor) has evidence in his possession to substantiate his accusation, which left him with no option but to chop Prince’s arm with a sharp cutlass.

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The victim was rushed to a local health center but laments that he is not receiving proper medication because of financial difficulty and lack of drugs at the only government hospital in his area.

However, he expresses gratitude for support received from community dwellers.

Meanwhile, Esther Taylor, the suspect’s wife, says she regrets the incident and reveals that jealousy is her husband’s usual habit, which needs serious attention.

She also discloses this is not the first time her husband has accused her of having ex-marital affairs, adding she got injured by her husband on such basis that took him to jail for almost seven months in River Gee County.

“My husband and I have been together since 2001, and we had nine children, but unfortunately, one passed away. But he doesn’t trust me at all because he has accused me several times. I’m calling on the Liberia National Police to investigate and place him in jail so that he will learn from his mistakes,” Madam Taylor explains. 

Suspect Francis Taylor is currently in police custody, awaiting investigation. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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