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Police charge 7 in Nimba

-for electoral violence

By Thomas Domah, Nimba County

Police in Nimba County have charged and sent to court, seven persons including a supervisor of the National Elections Commission (NEC) who presided over the Beo-Lontuo polling centers in Electoral District#4,  Nimba.

The seven have been charged with multiple crimes, including obstruction of government functions, criminal facilitation, criminal conspiracy, and tampering with public records, among others.

The seven citizens of Beo-Lotuo polling centers including the National Election Commission (NEC) supervisor in connection to the obstruction and destruction of the National Election Commission NEC ballot boxes alongside some election materials.

On October 10th, election day, a group of individuals reportedly seized ballot boxes at polling precincts in Beo–Lotuo, which disrupted the poll.

The NEC re-conducted the election at the polling precinct on Friday, 20 October.

The re-run in Beo Lotuo polling centers has put opposition Unity Party/ MDR Candidate Ernest Manseah in the lead with five votes difference against ruling CDC incumbent Representative Gunpue L. Kargon.

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As the NEC is expected to officially announce final results and winners of the October 10 elections and announce a runoff between the CDC and UP for the Presidency. 

In Beo-Lotuo town polling centers, Yeaneh  Kanweah, a citizen of Beo-Gbornplay town in district#4 was among other Nimbaians who reportedly disrupted the voting there on October 10th.

Those arrested alongside the NEC election supervisor include  Emmanuel Louh, 19, Harrison Cooper, 25, Habakkuk Mahn, 40, and Supervisor Menwonggbay B. Sieder himself. Others include Gomehtay Gomie, 38, Beo-Lotuo Town Chief Josephus George, and Nelson Gomah, 19.

Police charge sheet also indicates that the seven suspects have also been charged with destruction, removal, or mutilation of ballot papers and ballot boxes, including slogans, as election offenses, pending court trial.

Police source told The NEW DAWN Nimba correspondent that other suspects also to be charged are Stanley Kwanue, Adolphus Kwanue, Yeaneh Kanweah, Prince Winegbah, and Nelson Gweh in connection with the violence. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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