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Presidential hopeful pushes Christian state

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh 

A presidential hopeful in Liberia’s pending 2023 elections, Allen Roosevelt Brown Jr., says he will redeem the country’s Christian faith if he is elected this October.

Addressing reporters in Monrovia recently, the Liberia Restoration Party (LRP) political leader stressed the need to return Liberia to a Christian state by using the trenches of politics.

Mr. Brown said Liberia was established on the fundamental pillar of Faith. The West African State is now a secular state based on its 1986 Constitution.

“We are a movement and our movement is to restore the nation … to God. I am so happy that the vehicle that we are using is politics”, he said.

Article 14 of the 1986 Constitution says in part that no religious denomination or sect shall have any exclusive privilege or preference over any other, but all shall be treated alike.

However, Brown said his party was established on the principle of faith, and it has opened its doors to recruitment nearing the presidential and legislative elections.

Among plans, Mr. Brown noted that the LRP aims at improving the lives of Liberians, saying development and basic social services are its hallmarks to transforming the country.

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He used the medium to disclose plans of making Liberia not only a breadbasket of Africa if elected president, but also ensuring that the West African State becomes a leading exporter across the world.

Additionally, Mr. Brown reacted to the recent signing of the Farmington River Declaration by 27 political parties here ahead of the 2023 elections.

He said it is the best way forward to ensure violence-free, fair, and transparent elections.

For his part, LRP National Chairman Gabriel Salee enjoined his political leader to restore the nation to a Christian State.

“We are a movement and we have the mandate to return the country … to God. We will not rest, neither get tired until we achieve that mandate,” Salee said. 

He added: “We are happy that we have a selfless visionary who believes that the people of Liberia deserve better. Therefore, we are prepared to align with people who buy into our vision and have like minds of the kind of Liberia we envision.” 

Chairman Salee stressed that the fundamental truth about Liberia is that the country was established under Christian principles, but it has defaulted from its visions provided per the 1847 Constitution.

According to him, a revised 1986 Constitution has changed the dynamics of Liberia and made it a secular state. 

He added that the previous Constitution was based on faith, explaining that the founding fathers came in and established a country that had no military and economic strength.

He said they trusted that the Almighty God built their value system on that foundation, and it is that foundation that he wants to continue to sustain.

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