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Rep. Saah Joseph unhappy with CDF

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Montserrado County Electoral District #13 Representative Saah Joseph, has criticized the County Development and Social Development funds, which according to him, are not impacting the lives of the people.

He said the funds are just big figures on paper, but their impact cannot be felt by the people. Representative Joseph made the observation over the weekend at the New Georgia Junction in Gardnerville when he donated a 90-seated bus to residents of the district.

He said due to the lack of impact, the electorate were placing demands on their lawmakers, leaving out the Executive branch of government, which is the revenue generating arm of government. Representative Joseph wonders how funds allocated for development disappear in thin air with no one being held accountable.

He said despite the creation of Social Development Funds and County Development Funds, the very people who stood in queues during elections and voted this administration to power, have not received anything in return.

But critics say the lawmakers’ comments demonstrate hypocrisy at the highest level as they are the ones, who debate and approve the National Budget and specifically supervise or preside over the implementation of both the CDF and SDF so to go back to the people and question the impacts of these funds is glaring hypocrisy.

However, Representative Joseph said it is quite unfortunate and embarrassing for the government to create something only for some senior government officials to enjoy at the expanse of the people.

“The government’s impact is not being felt by our people even with the creation of the Social Development Funds and County Development Fund our people cannot show anything those funds have done. The only thing I can see is big number on a sheet of paper, but the reality cannot be seen by our people,” he pointed out.

He called for change of strategy in taking development to the people, saying “at one point meetings are called and discussions are held but when it comes to disbursement of the funds, no one can tell how the monies have been used.”

He said the bus is intended to raise funds for his district and management committee will be constituted to manage its daily running as a transport business. “This bus is for you – the district people and I hope it will be well managed because I think I cannot cattle to every community from my little income so funds that the bus will generate will be on a rotational basis given to communities to undertake your needed projects,” he said.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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