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Sara Nyanti assures Muslims of equal opportunities

By: Emmanuel wise Jipoh

The Standard Bearer of the African Liberation League (ALL), Rev. Sara Beysolow Nyanti has assured Muslims across Liberia that there will be equal opportunity for all under her leadership.

Madam Nyanti a former UN envoy to South Sudan is one of two females among 19 presidential candidates seeking to wrestle power from incumbent President George Weah on October 10.

Addressing thousands of Muslims at the Dorcas- Multipurpose- Complex in Shoe- Factory- Japan- Freeway Drive, Montserrado County electoral district #12, where she received an endorsement for her presidential bid from the Coalition of National Muslims in Liberia, Madam Nyanti told members of the Muslim Community that there will be religious tolerance under her watch.

“There will be equal opportunities for every Liberian regardless of their tribes, religions, dialects, or ethnicity,” Madam Nyanti said.

Mrs. Nyanti noted that the African Liberation League (ALL) has come as an “Alternative to uniting Liberians, lifting them out of poverty into prosperity while calling for oneness for a better Liberia.

She lamented that failed policies and personal interests of politicians have kept the nation stagnate, while commanding the Muslim community for their endorsement, stating that it clearly demonstrates, that they’re ready for a new Liberia, a one- Liberia in which together success is sure.

She added that the time has come to move the country forward, stating that an ALL administration will seek the progress of Liberia with everyone involved.

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Madam Nyanti said her administration would create an enabling environment for all Liberians to play their part collectively.

The former UN diplomat explained that the Muslim Community has made the right choice by endorsing her party because it is a party with one purpose, one goal, for a new voice” a new vision, a new Liberia” and a new destiny”.

“Hear me and hear me now” Gone are those days, when people will want to bring divisions, to divide us, …but the African Liberation League is interested in the process and progress of the people. I say with the African Liberation League, “You’re saved,” Madam Nyanti said.

Mrs. Nyanti said if elected there will be improved welfare, better healthcare services, Education opportunities, Women empowerment, Job Creation, and Youth empowerment under her administration.

Meanwhile, reading the endorsement statement on behalf of the Coalition of Muslims in Liberia, Madowa Sheriff, said the Muslims have resolved to endorse Madam Sara Beysolow Nyanti because they have seen the expertise in her to lead them.

Sheriff highlighted the degeneration of the society, ritualistic killing, multiplication of youthful Liberians into Zogos, drug addiction, which make them dangerous to the communities, enormous poor health delivery services, challenging education sector, and bad economy under President Weah, as some key reasons they have resolved to carry a patriotic Liberian to change the narrative for a better Liberia, not to go for instant gratification, or bag of rice or cash inducement.

Ms. Sheriff explained that it was based on the foregoing that citizens under the banner “THE COALITION OF MUSLIMS IN LIBERIA”, having carefully observed the astute background of eminent Liberian personalities considering their public service records not only in Liberia but also at international levels officially expressed their ENDORSEMENT OF SUPPORT to Hon. Rev. Sara Beysolow Nyanti and Hon. Simeon M.B Moribah, as President and Vice President respectively to be voted in the ensuing October 10, 2023, General and Presidential Elections in the Republic of Liberia.

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