Sebwe Guarantees Continuation

Deputy Sports Minister- designated Dionysius Sebwe faced the senate yesterday for confirmation hearing. During his appearance, the former Lone Star defender promised to ensure the continuation of the plans of his predecessor Marbue Richards and Minister Tarpeh.

According to him, he will continue the Youth Empowerment, development and employment policies left behind, primarily focusing on the sports component of the Ministry, ensuring grass-root development at every sport.

He informed the Honorable Senate and the general public that the dissolution of the senior national football team in 2002 was unfair to the people of this country, saying it inevitably created a huge gap between generation of players, as well as a missed opportunity for mentorship.

“If confirmed, I intend to immediately begin work on identifying sites for three sports centers promised by the President of Liberia and Chief Patron of Sports,” Sebwe assured. He said the Ministry of Youth and Sports will also review all agreements or MOUs, particularly the MOU regarding the management of Lone Star.

He also noted that the Ministry will count on the technical expertise of the LFA in making the Lone Star one of the best teams in Africa, emphasizing that the Ministry will, in collaboration with the LFA, begin the process of building capacities of former national team players to head  the technical staff of the senior national team in a not-too m far future.

Sebwe also indicated that the National sports Council being envisioned, was in line with his objective, promising to effectively reshape the sporting landscape of this country and assist in building a world-class national team, if he is confirmed.

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