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Letter to God: Lord, so dis whole money bisnay wah happened na?

Dear Father,

Da whatin we hearing so? Is it true da de people say ley money weh Kountry Giant say him lee inside our village cash box da lie? Hmm, ley people mon look inside da cash box good, good oo.

What you mean my son, you wan tell we say de people lie?

Ah, Father da orlor one too big for my mouth oo. Me I only say de people who can be looking behind dis stealing bisnay and be telling people who do wah mon look inside good, good. Aaa my name oo.

Wait oo, you ay look leh you know something, bor you na wan talky.

Bor Father you too ya. You na hear de thin de people talking here. They say on dis day de Kountry Giant say dis amount of money was in leh cash box. From da time to de time de Papy too came plenty can happen between there.

Um, ay look leh you making small sense there oo my son.

Look leh me put it dis way Father. Leh say leh man geh 100 dollar in him cashbox. Few days before him travel, him tell him manager meaning him wife da him geh 100 dollar in him cash box on da day him told him wifey. Two days later, him pekin go to the cashier and take five dollar there to pay for candy. The next day him daughter go and take ten dollar to buy shoes, so on and so on.

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Imagine de day de manager go look inside de cashbox na, de money na correct. Him woman go to de cashier and asked say on dis day how much my husband lee in de cashbox?

De cashier too loka de record and say, on dis day da de money weh wor in de cashbox. She na ask him between de time my husband say dis money here wor in de cashbox and de time I com ask you, anybody come take money from inside? She na ask. Then ley people say her husband lie, him na lee da kina money inside him cashbox.

So, Father, da de whole story behind dis money bisnay here oo. So whatin make de Village elder them who wor judging de case between de man and him woman first, first na ask de cashier if somebody take money from de place after her husband told her about de balance in de cashbox?

You see whatin i talking here Father, becus dis thin da law bisnay na com inside na. The Kountry Giant say on dis day da de money we had inside. De Papay too com say few days later, da dis one me I see inside.

Then de chief them too instead of them asking de cashier people what happen from da time to dis time, dey just go ask say how much wor inside on dis day?

Hmm, my son, de thin you talking make plenty sense becus, it possible that after ley man fini talking somer him people could go behind him and do their own thin. Ehn you know they able to do da one there.

So, da leh thin there so, Kountry Giant talk him own, de Papay talked him own. Bor de chief them na ask de cashier them de righ question. Da de thin da bring dis long hauling here and there.

I see…

Yes, Father. If de chief them wor coming to ask de people them dis question long time we fini catching de doer of dis act.

My son, ley thin sef hard to talk.

Yes, ooh Father. Da de thing me I say, ley man talked him own, de Papay talked him own, so, we mon ask de cashier them what happened. They mon talk something, they na innocent.

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