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“Solve Liberia’s myriad of problems”

Jeety challenges Tech. graduates

By Winston W. Parley

Former Indian Honorary Consul General in Liberia Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva has challenged BlueCrest University College graduates to begin to research, analyze and create digital solutions or software to solve the myriad of problems besetting Liberia.

Serving as convocation speaker during the ceremony held in Congo Town Saturday, 22 October 2022, Mr. Sachdeva challenged the graduates to organize themselves into businesses.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jeety Trading Corporation urged the graduates to each bring a different piece of the technological puzzle, to begin to research, analyze and create digital solutions or software to solve the myriad of problems besetting Liberia.

Mr. Sachdeva, popularly known as Mr. Jeety, suggested that if you look at the history of developed societies today, you will notice that it is the people, their businesses, and their struggles that have allowed these societies and countries to rise and are now called the first world. 

“Countries, like Liberia today, were all up against formidable odds. But they dared to think critically and creatively, took on the challenge, and turned them into opportunities,” he said.

Quite frankly, said Mr. Jeety, Liberia is behind the technology revolution. 

That is why he said he was excited to be at the graduation exercise to celebrate the graduates that have taken a bold step to venture into a career area that is most needed in Liberia at this time. 

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“At this incredibly young age, it is not lost on me that you would have fears about venturing into entrepreneurship. I understand,” Mr. Jeety told the graduates. 

“Your fear is not misplaced, especially at a time when Liberia and the rest of the world are more volatile, and uncertain,” he said.

However, the Indian philanthropist cautioned the graduates to not let their fear paralyze them into doing nothing. 

“You have acquired the knowledge and have the ability, so explore — be daring. You can make [a] difference,” he stated.

He noted that the graduates have the power to effect change, saying they should not say, ” I’m afraid to fail.” 

“Those who face challenges, learn to innovate and stay afloat. This is the secret of my success as a businessperson. Know this: Liberia needs people who will not seek the easy way out, but those who will dare to drive change amid uncertainty,” he added.

He said the Liberia the graduates see today did not just happen, adding that his outgoing generation worked hard to bring it this far.

Jeety indicated that now it’s the graduates’ turn and that no matter what, they have to face these challenges but do so with unwavering dedication. 

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