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U.S.-based Liberian wants Pres. Weah

A Liberian based in the United States has written President George Manneh Weah, urging him to keep focus on the country’s problems, with emphasis on improving the living condition of ordinary Liberians.

The Executive Director of Democracy Frontline International (DFI) Amish Amara, based in Fargo, North Dakota, outlines some of the problems as abject poverty, high cost of living, high unemployment and deplorable road network. Mr. Amara wants President Weah to initiate programs aimed at addressing the challenges sooner than later.

“Please also be aware that Liberia’s deep seated troubles including high unemployment, did not vanish with the departure of the Unity Party-led government; neither did it spell the end of challenges that previous administrations faced”, he writes.

The DFI director further cautions that the overwhelming mandate given President Weah at the 2017 polls is not the end of the sufferings of the masses, but simply a means to that end.

He notes that failure on the part of the Weah Administration to deliver on grass root expectations, would be a disappointment to the nation, particularly those who believe in his ability to redeem and transform Liberia.

Amara acknowledges that while it is true that the President and his team cannot accomplish the task alone, “nothing is clearer to the common man in the street than the promises made to alleviate, if not end poverty in their midst”.

He says as a nation, this is one of the human sufferings the people have endeavored for generations to solve, but to no avail. “I personally believe that one of the keys to defeating this menace is improving the standard of education and job creation”, Amara suggests.

One of the areas that the social worker wants President Weah to commit his government is road construction and rehabilitation; mainly farm-to-market roads, which he notes would boost agricultural production and by extension, economic growth. He then commends the World Bank and the government and people of France for the financial donation and pledge to Liberia.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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