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Starz College president feeds victims’ relatives

The president of  Starz College of Technology, Latim DaThong, has embarked on feeding relatives of infected Ebola patients. Da Thong over the weekend distributed several bags of rice to over 50 family heads and family members in Sinkor, Duala, Fiamah and Central Monrovia, respectively.

He said the initiative is intended to identify with families of infected persons to help ease their social and psychological stress, while their relatives and loved ones are being treated at the Ebola Treatment Center. DaThong, who runs the only satisfied IT degree granting technology school in Liberia, said he is hurt to see Liberians laying in ETUs around the capital due to Ebola.

He urged all Liberians to join the fight against the deadly virus. DaThong, who elder sister has contracted the virus, said people shouldn’t stigmatize their relatives or neighbors because of the virus. He clarified that the gesture has no political motive, but to help in the fight against virus.

Beneficiaries of the gesture expressed gratitude to the Starz College of Technology president, who they described as a man sent by God to help the people of Liberia.

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