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Tartweh CA Official wants Sino Forest Implement MOU

A member of the Community Assembly (CA) of the Tartweh authorized community forest is calling on the Sino Forest Company to fully implement agreements captured in the MOU signed with them.

Speaking in an interview with reporters recently in the county, Madam Victoria Saydee expressed serious disappointment in the operations of Sino Forest Company on ground that the company has not lived up to the agreements, according to her.

She expressed disappointment and mix feeling about the alleged involvement of ex-officials and Sinoe County Electoral District #1 lawmaker Rep Crayton Ducan.

“I am totally unhappy with Rep. Duncan’s company and his involvement. Tartweh people deserve better and will continue to speak out until the right things are done. We will not allow the company to operate in our forest,” she noted.

Madam Saydee said she’s not in any way against the company, but called on the company’s management to do those things as promised and captured in the agreement.

“Now, if we have a problem with Sino Forest, who do we carry our complaints to if the lawmaker, who is an ex-official, is the same man who has a 12% share in the company. This is so sad for us,” she explained.

The CA official told journalists that she is working closely with her colleagues to ensure that the company meets their plights in keeping with the agreement.

She stressed that each time they raise issues the EC Chairman, who is also a direct employee in the office of Rep Duncan, supports the company because of his boss’ interest.

Madam Saydee at the same time called on the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) to intervene in the Tartweh forest and the Sino Forest Company.

 When contacted, Sino Forest through its Human Resource Manager, Emmanuel Saywon, said he has reserved all comments, saying the company will speak to the public very soon.

Tartweh as a community forest gained its status in 2017 and has been in existence while the community is underdeveloped.–Press release


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