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The consequences of governing wrongly

It is a shame and disgrace that Liberia’s traditional ally, the United States has indicted all three branches of the Liberian government for corruption and poor human rights characterized by mysterious deaths. First, it was former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who imposed travel restriction on former Liberian passport director Andrew Wonploe from the Executive and his immediate family last September “due to his involvement in significant corruption.” The U.S. Government subsequently issued a blanketed indictment against the Liberian Judiciary for corruption, followed by last week’s U.S. Embassy’s statement issued against the Liberian Senate for electing notorious warlord Sen. Prince Y. Johnson as head of the Senate Defense and Intelligence committee, while maintaining Senator Varney Sherman as head of the Judiciary committee despite a freeze imposed on his assets by the U.S. State Department for his involvement in bribery and corruption.

The Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of the Liberian government have all been indicted for corruption, bribery and human rights violations. And the embarrassing issue is each of these government branches attempted to right the wrongs only after the Government of America spoke.

Are there no rational beings in our government to stand up to wrong decisions that have the potential to sail our state into troubled waters, as we have experienced in the instances cited above? Why do they turn blind eyes? It seems that self-interest has corroded the moral consciences of our national leaders.

The U. S. government said Senator Johnson’s gross human rights violations during Liberia’s civil wars are well-documented; his continued efforts to protect himself from accountability, enrich his own coffers and sow division are also well known hence, America can have no relationship with him!

It says by giving both senators leadership roles, the Liberian Senate is effectively is allowing corruption and lack of accountability to flourish in the government. And this is true, not only for the two individuals but in the other two branches, based on the ways businesses are conducted.

We take God to beg our national leaders to stop embarrassing and shaming us by how they conduct matters of state, which leaves much to be desired. It is about time that love for country, and people take precedent in our public service.

Shielding corruption officials should have no place in how we conduct the affairs of state because it has unintended consequences with our international partners, so we need to conform to best standards that promote moral rectitude and accountability.

It was very embarrassing last week to watch senators on Capitol Hill curl their tails between the legs the next day following the U.S. Embassy’s statement here to reverse the elections of Senators Johnson and Sherman, as if they lack thinking faculty. Not that they cannot distinguish between right and wrong, but corruption and bribery have blinded their moral consciences and prevented them from doing the right thing.

We thank the United States government for speaking out from time to time and coming to the rescue of the defenseless citizenry. Indeed, the Government and people of the United States remain our truthful and committed partners.

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