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Torture Resurfaces

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Torturing which was the most dehumanizing form of treatment against civilians during the course of the Liberian civil conflict has resurfaced- this time within the security apparatus.

Patrick Yance, an officer of the presidential guard, the Special Security Service (SSS), was reported tied, severely beaten and sprayed with 2 cans of pepper sprays alleged on orders of the Director of the Service, Samuel Brisbane,.

Yance told a New Dawn Interview that the incident took place 6 February at the basement of the Executive Mansion (EM) on Capitol Hill. According to him, he was accused of “desertion or abandonment of post”.

“They used 2 cans of pepper sprays on my naked body. As a result, I am losing my sight gradually,” Yance explained with tears rolling down his cheeks. He said as a result of the torture in the SSS cell his health condition was very poor, while he  continues to remain in door at his home.

At the moment, he said, he was undergoing severe headache and numbness in his right hand. Agent Yance, assigned with the Motor Pool section of the SSS on third shift, was reported to have abandoned his post for a ‘safari’ with a visitor believed to be a female.

Upon his returned, he encountered his shift supervisor who quizzed him on his whereabouts. He said while attempting to explain what actually happened, he was ordered undressed by Director Brisbane and handcuffed very tightly at his back.

“It was at this time two supervisors held my head up, while Director Brisbane sprayed my face, including my eyes and my entire body. I was placed into the bathroom stall, and the door locked from 5:00am to 10:00am,” he narrated.

When contacted on Yance’s allegations, the Public Affairs Director of the Special Security Service, R. Calvin Hoff denied, terming the story as untrue and unrealistic.

He, however, admitted that Agent Yance was punished in accordance with the guidelines of the institution. Currently, the Agent is serving suspension for time definite, while  awaiting the out come of an investigation into his violations.

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