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Conmany Wesseh blames Boakai supporters

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River Gee County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh blames supporters of former Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai for running campaign against him (Boakai) in his quest for the presidency by unwittingly telling the public that their candidate, then, was not being supported by his boss former President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf.

“I was warning people who were campaigning against … Joseph Boakai. You know how they ran campaign against Joseph Boakai? By going around saying the most horrendous things about Joseph Boakai’s good friend Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf and saying to people that Joseph Boakai was not getting the support of Ellen Sirleaf,” Sen. Wesseh said Tuesday, 14 July.

Using a conversation he had with an unnamed Lebanese businessman to back his claim, Senator Wesseh says the Labaneseman had argued that if his cook left to find a job somewhere else and then claimed that his former boss lied that he is not a good cook, he may not get the job from the next employer.

“I think those who were making the campaign were very bad people …, they were campaigning against Joe Boakai unwittingly,” Senator Wesseh said during a live talk show on OK FM.

Responding to a concern as to why he was not visible on Boakai’s campaign, Senator Wesseh notes that in political parties you are given assignment, but he was not given assignment during the 2017 elections so he did not act.

However, Senator Wesseh maintains that when he gets the chairmanship of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), he will encourage people to do things that would make the party to win election, vowing to get 15 senators elected.

Even though the UP under chairman Wilmot Paye’s administration expelled its former standard bearer former President Sirleaf, Senator Wesseh insists that Mrs. Sirleaf has never left the party nor has she been expelled.

“She was never expelled; she was never expelled. Some mischief makers sat down someplace and said that she was expelled. They said I was expelled…,” he says, adding that they did something and it was dismissed, it has no standing because “we are” a party of law and order.

“It is all of these things put together that led the party to unanimously remove Wilmot Paye from the chairmanship, and you still talking about expel? Nobody did it,”Mr. Wesseh continues.

According to him, those raising concerns over former President Sirleaf’s influence in the Unity Party are “the same people who made the propaganda, a very shameful, disgraceful, useless propaganda…,” referring to the political divide in the party in the 2017 election.
He says internally, everyone in the Unity Party knows that there was some missteps, but that process has come under review.

By Winston W. Parley

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