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US$20,000 Counterfeit Uncovered At LBDI

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaAn employee at the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), Magretta Dorbor, has been accused by the bank of counterfeiting US$20,000 and fraudulently withdrawing L$70,000 from client’s accounts.

Police source said the defendant Dorbor had restituted the L$70,000.00 in the tune of US$1,000.00, but has denied knowledge of the US$20,000.00 counterfeit claims.

Defendant Dorbor was Tuesday, February 15, sent to Court at the Temple of Justice on complaints filed by LBDI authorities that she is allegedly involved in counterfeiting, forgery and theft.

According to Police documents, LBDI authorities including Senior Auditor Francis Jomah, on December 7, 2010 cited defendant Dorbor to a conference with one of their clients to consent her involvement in the alleged fraudulent withdrawal of L$70,000.00.

The documentary evidence showed that Auditor Jomah is reported to have  discovered US$20,000.00 counterfeit concealed under other documents in a big box (cartoon) plus L$23,715.00 sealed-up (wrapped) in some plastic bags locally known as  ‘Ghana Must Go’ underneath Margretta Dorbor’s desk  in her office.

The discovery was made when Auditor Jomah was sent to conduct an audit of Dorbor’s work at LBDI Gardnerville branch. The inquiry was the result of one of LBDI client’s complaint, the Gardnerville People Saving Club or GPSC submitted to the bank authority that the balance in their account numbered 0147870017101 was incorrect.

Quoting police sources, the LBDI stated that their client (GPSC) furthered that they had made two deposits in the amounts of L$21,000.00 and L$56,000.00 totaling L$77,000.00 through defendant Margretta Dorbor, and that the amount was recorded only in their saving book but were not reflected in their bank’s statement.

Police sources went on stating that this has made a difference in the GPSC’s account of L$147,000.00. “LBDI based on the complaint by their client (GPSC), an inquiry was conducted and defendant Dorbor was identified as the receiver (culprit) of the two deposits which were not reflected into their (LBDI) system”, the police noted.

According to the bank’s testimonies during police inquiry at  a conference in the presence of the GPSC officials including one Jasper Ballah and LBDI Senior Auditor Francis Jomah, defendant Dorbor consented of  her involvement in the fraudulent withdrawal of the L$70,000.00. She is reported to have restituted the sum of US$1,000.00, which was converted to L$70,000.00. But police said the bank authority explained that defendant Dorbor did claimed ownership of L$23,715.00, but denied knowledge of the 200 pieces of counterfeits US$ 20,000.00.

Police sources noted during their investigation, Dorbor admitted to the allegation of theft and forgery except for the US$ 20,000.00 counterfeit in question. Defendant Dorbor claimed that on November 25, 2010, an unknown gentleman claimed to be official of GPSC brought a withdrawal slip which she Okayed and withdrew L$70,000.00 from the window of another teller name, Samuel Padmore but police said Padmore has refuted the allegation.

Meanwhile, defendant Dobor claimed that her desk was searched by one Ms. Blankson; Richard Vincent and Sulaiman Bah in her absence prior to the discovery of the US$20,000.00 counterfeit in her office. But police source revealed that during their investigation, a local business woman Victoria Johnson had testified against defendant Dorbor claiming to have received US$100.00 counterfeit from Dorbor as final payment for a cell phone transaction.

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