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VP Taylor wants investigation against sex for jobs

By Lincoln G. Peters

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor says it’s time that those government agencies and ministries are responsible to monitor workplace violence and investigate sex for jobs against women.

Launching the WE4SELF Sexual and Gender-Based Violence National Colloquium over the weekend at the Monrovia City Hall, VP Taylor told an interview that sex for job and workplace violence against women has become a normal norm in government.

She indicated that women are sexually abused by prominent men before they can be given jobs, thus urging that those engaged in such acts should be punished.

She recommended that the United Nations should graduate from giving money for SGBV national indoor workshop and discussion and move into community and workplaces in the public and private sectors for people to know about these things.
According to Vice President Taylor, people are affected on a daily basis but they don’t know how to report it because their boss man is seen as powerful.

Madam Taylor also encouraged women in Liberia to stand up against such acts, lamenting that both in public and private sectors here before you get a job, you have to go around sleeping from one man to the other.

“When you have the job there is still workplace violence against you in order to have you maintain the job. This is becoming uncontrollable in our society and enough is enough because women are abused,” she said.

“I’m aware like you are and we all are seeing it on a daily basis in the public sector and so we are tired and need to rise up against it,” VP Taylor continued.

She called on women here to start to raise alarms about sex for jobs in government and workplace violence in the society, noting that by doing such the society will name and shame men that are engaged in such ugly attitudes.

She said things are getting out of hand and it should now migrate to a place where if a person of authority abuses a woman before they give her job, they should be removed from office so it can serve as a deterrence to others.

“If the incident comes up and we have information that they are not moved from their position for requesting for sex from a female before they can give her job, I believe we the women of Liberia have to go at that office ourselves and remove that person,” said Vice President Taylor.

She believes that when women start to take such a step, the government will listen to them and remove that person for their sexual behavior.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/we4self-and-partners-launch-national-colloquium-on-sgbv/—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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