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‘We are not treated fairly’ 

–LAGMA president decries lack of budgetary support

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The newly inducted president of Liberia Association of Gospel Musical Artists (LAGMA) Amb. Miracle A. Kettor has decried the lack of budgetary support for the institution.

Delivering a special remark Wednesday, 15 March 2023 at LAGMA’s inaugural ball held at the Ambassador Christian Fellowship, Amb. Kettor lamented that the association is not treated fairly.

“President George M. Weah, I want you to please hear me. Liberia was built on a Christian foundation and you are [a] man who loves God,” said Amb.Kettor.

“Maybe you don’t know what is happening in the back. Gospel artists are not treated fairly. We deserve to be given a budget when [a] national program is coming too so we can organize national concepts,” she added.

Amb. Kettor suggested that the same talent shows are organized in the night, LAGMA deserves to do the spiritual aspect too.

She appealed to the Government of Liberia and lawmakers to ensure that LAGMA is included in the national budget to enhance gospel musical artists’ effectiveness. 

Amb. Kettor added that the lack of national budgetary support for the institution is gradually killing the institution.

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She described the lack of budgetary support to LAGMA as a slap to President Weah and his administration that love entertainment. 

She noted that she has interacted with President Weah and he is someone who loves music, but LAGMA has not gotten any budgetary support. 

She said President Weah is a twin mother who is lying in the center of the bed, but she pondered why he is focusing on one side of the musical sector. 

“President Weah, we put you into power, we elected you, why have you turned your back on us? You have forgotten your other children on the other side and have turned one place,” Amb. Kettor lamented.

At the same time, she frowned on exploitation by government officials, particularly lawmakers, when it comes to helping female gospel artists. 

“To our lawmakers, our representatives, we put you in power. Why is it that when we come to your office for help to support our program, you [are] telling us to meet you at the hotel?” Amb. Kettor alleged. 

“Why do you always want us to meet you at some kind of corner? Why Mr. representative? Must you enter Jerusalem before you help?” she added. 

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