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Western Cluster’s Road permit suspended

--Public Works threatens termination in 60 days

The company’s road user permit was suspended after President Boakai threatened to order its closure last month because it has been extracting the nation’s resources, damaging the roads, and leaving no benefits for the people.

Monrovia, May 9, 2024: Liberia’s Public Works Ministry has suspended the road user permit (RUP- 220620-004) issued to Western Cluster Limited (WCL) for “violation of the terms of the permit.” 

The Ministry announced the decision Wednesday, 8 May 2024, days after President Joseph Nyumah Boakai ordered the company’s closure for extracting the nation’s resources, damaging the roads, and leaving no benefits for the people.

The Public Works Ministry said the RUP gave Western Cluster the right to commercially haul iron ore on the Freeport of Monrovia-Bomi Hills Road corridor.

In the notice sent to the company through its country representative, the Ministry noted specifically that “WCL persistently violated Section II (d)(e) of the permit.

The Ministry accuses WCL of employing trucks longer than the permitted 34 feet in length and 8.5 feet in weight and carrying an axle load of about 40 tons—far beyond the allowable 30 tons.

The ministry further stated that it observed and documented Western Cluster’s trucking of iron ore throughout the day and night, contrary to the limitation stipulated in the permit.

It explained that the permit restricts the trucking of iron ore only between 7 pm to 6 am.

The Ministry of Public Works further charged Western Cluster for non-compliance with Section III (a) of the permit, which requires the company to erect and install weighbridges at the point of departure and Klay junction, respectively. 

The ministry claims the company has failed to uphold this key transparency and accountability measure. 

Moreover, the ministry niched Western Cluster to its glaring failure to maintain and repair the referenced road corridor, thereby eroding pliability and posing challenges to other road users.

The works ministry, however, recalls that before the issuance of this notice suspending Western Cluster’s road user permit, a November 6, 2023 suspension was effected against these very violations. 

“What is even more frustrating is that the Ministry of Public Works on November 6, 2023, suspended the permit for similar violations, which suspension was lifted after WCL assured the ministry of curing these violations within the soonest possible time,” the release said.

The Ministry concluded that it had no option but to decide against WCL ‘s lack of good faith in fulfilling its obligations until any/all violations and defaults under this permit are cured. 

It cautioned that the company risks terminating its road user permit if Western Cluster fails to cure these stipulated violations within 60 days.

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  1. If our past Presidents have firstly appreciated and took the cause of the people of Liberia and Liberia’s interests into firm consideration, Liberia and her citizens would not for more 176 years had their resources stolen in daylight. Every Liberian and friends of Liberia must THANK and APPRECIATE President Joseph N. Boakai for protecting Liberia and its people.

    Mr. President, THANK YOU YAH!

    Cllr. Frederick A.B. Jayweh
    Mobile: 720-731-7994

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